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Minor Inconsistencies in Final Fantasy 7 Walkthrou

Posted: 1st September 2013 07:32
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I am playing FF7 using the digital download direct from the SquareEnix website. I used CavesofNarshe for the entirety of my gameplay.

Third Area Part 2 - The guide asks that you hurry up and place the fly in front of the opening in the tree so that the frog will appear and eat the fly. You then grab the frog and proceed to cross the HANGING PLANT digests the fly that you used to get to the hole in the tree in the first place.

This part is inaccurate, here is why: You can feed the HANGING PLANT both the frog and the fly. So if the plant digests the fly that you used to get to the frog, then it's no problem, you just feed the plant the frog and it spits it back out right in front of Cloud, and you proceed on your merry way.

Many of the details about how and when RUBY is vulnerable or not are not consistent with my experience (using FF7 Digital Download from RUBY actually becomes vulnerable after it retracts it's tentacles back into it's body, not when it's tentacles are extended into the sand where they can attack you.

The guide says that it is VULNERABLE when it's tentacles are buried. That was not my experience after about 30 minutes of battle. It received less damage when the tentacles were extended and more immediately after they were retracted.

These details show when FF7 made it's debut on the different platforms. It does not mention the digital download on Square's website and Steam.

I hope I was able to lay my comments out cleanly so that I do not waste your time. Thank you so much for allowing the gaming community to use CoN for free and advertisement free. These days we can use dozens of guides and it is nice to use CoN because it is clutter free and highly accurate, with some added humor that I totally related to. This is my first time making a suggestion like this to a website. I must say that I think I am doing this because of how much I appreciated having the guide and I loved how it was written.

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Posted: 2nd September 2013 00:14

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Thanks, I'm glad you came around. I will definitely have a look at this in the near future. smile.gif

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