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Posted by: Spooniest 3rd August 2018 14:15
My mother's secret technique.

Buy a cheese pizza. Buy some mushrooms. Buy some mozzarella shredded cheese. Buy some sausage. Brown the sausage. Store it in the fridge till it dries. Put the mushrooms and the sausage (and I guess chopped green pepper) on the frozen cheese pizza.

Now, put the Mozzarella on top of those toppings which you choose (get creative). Now, put in the oven at the temperature recommended by the box of frozen pizza you bought. Now, put the timer at about 20-30% more time than listed in the instructions.

Congratulations, you have made your custom pizza. Me, I love you. :* mwah

Posted by: Rangers51 4th August 2018 15:40
My dad always used to do similar when my mom was out of town and I was a kid. We'd buy a cheese pizza and separate pepperoni and put it on ourselves before baking it. I honestly have no idea why - it's not like store-bought pepperoni from a package was going to be that much better than what would come on the pizza already, and it certainly cost more to do it his way.

Maybe it was just for fun, and the fact that I don't get that explains why I'm so not fun as an adult. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 11th August 2018 01:49
Hmm, I could have sworn I wrote a reply to this thread last time I checked it. Oh well.

Anyway, I love customizing food like this.

I'm also perfectly willing to combine things that shouldn't be combined. For example, mitigating the spiciness of cafeteria Indian food by dumping a load of ranch dressing on the side.

Posted by: Tonepoet 15th August 2018 04:28
I have done this myself a few times before now, but oftentimes it does not seem to be worthwhile because when all other factors are equal, a plain cheese pizza is priced just the same as an already topped pizza despite having less food on it and also being a little more work besides.

Just to help prove the point of this writing, amazon charges $7.02 for both, and The only visible difference I see between the two products is that the Supreme Pizza is loaded with three ounces of toppings at no additional charge.

That is not to say the trick is not useful, since it can help people to avoid a topping or combination you would rather not eat, such as a bell pepper for instance, if you are a picky eater for some reason, or pick some rather unique combinations without paying actual pizzaria prices. Nevertheless, it is worth at least considering using an already topped pizza as the base for adding an extra ingredient rather than topping a plain cheese pizza from scratch, since they basically give you the toppings for free anyway.

Posted by: Spooniest 29th August 2018 00:28
Quote (Rangers51 @ 4th August 2018 10:40)
Maybe it was just for fun

This, and it was a blatant excuse to tell people I love them. Namely you guys.

Drunk or sober, I have a soft spot in my heart for my fellow JRPG fans...when they're not being doofus-faces, I guess smile.gif

Posted by: FraudulentTommah 23rd May 2019 01:27
always keep a can of anchovies in your house

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