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Help, Trying to find a fanfic!

Posted: 18th May 2018 23:56
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Hi, I am hoping that someone out there in the universe might be able to help me find a fanfiction.

The fiction was on, is FFVII and set either post AC or DoC and Sephiroth is found in a coma/stasis/suspended animation, from when he fell into the lifestream, he has no idea about all of the events since because it wasn't him, turns out all the sephiroths fought and defeated were just clones. Anyway the decision has to be made whether to let him live or not, he's given a second chance and placed in clouds custody but with a fail safe (instigated by reeve?) - some kind of implant is put in cloud and sephiroths brain that acts like a kill switch so sephiroth has to do what cloud commands, or if he goes of the deep end then cloud can activate the failsafe and it kills him. Anyway everything is all peachy, I believe there was a bout of drug withdrawal at some point from sephiroth coming off all hobos drugs, and there was point where they all did a rescue mission and sephiroth proves he's trustworthy.

Have no idea who the author is or the title, so any ideas would be helpful!
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