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After the Earth Cave: Which Path To Take

Posted: 17th March 2017 13:25

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Since I received a Mini-NES for Christmas, I've decided to go through Final Fantasy I again. Yes...the original NES version, bugs and all. For all its annoying bits, I do enjoy the nostalgia trip and the added difficulty it can present at times.

Anyways, the first few times I've played through this I always did the typical path of going straight to Gurgu Volcano from Crescent Lake after getting the Canoe, as guides like these suggest and the game naturally wants you to follow, evidenced by monster levels and shops and the river to the dungeon being right there. However, as I'm sure many here are aware of, there are three options at this point:

1.) Gurgu Volcano
2.) Castle of Ordeals
3.) Ice Cave

I personally like to get the Airship as fast as possible, so I go to the Ice Cave, then head to Castle of Ordeals, upgrade my classes, then stop at that mountain town Gaia for some big spells and upgrades and visit the older towns for any spells my new classes can pick spells up from, making Gurgu a breeze. The Ice Cave is a great challenge this way, and it feels good to be in a dungeon I'm not supposed to be in just yet. I've never actually tried going to Castle of Ordeals first, and it is probably a touch easier and a smoother ramp up to the Ice Cave since there's gold, leveling opportunities, etc. but since I need the Airship to change classes anyway, it doesn't feel very natural to go about it in this order for me.

What path do you like to take? Do you usually follow the recommended path, or do you go for the challenge?
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Posted: 17th March 2017 13:39

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I'm in a rush right now, so I can't really stop to double-check myself, but I seem to recall that if you want to powerlevel, you should do what you do and get upgraded ASAP because stat growth increases as the upgraded classes.

Can anyone check me on that? Am I dreaming?

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Posted: 17th March 2017 23:34

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...I don't recall what the stat growth rules are for FF1 at all, and swore to my father I would never visit GameFAQs I recently logged back in there...cultural wasteland as usual...but I digress.

ProRings are available in Gaia...getting to Gaia as fast as possible is a good thing, however, I do not recall if un promoted Light Warriors may equip ProRings (protect ring, abbreviated). ProRings are basically some of the only instant death defense you can get in FF1, besides maybe the ARUB spell which must be cast every battle.

I don't recall if instant death attacks are prevented by ProRings, but I do believe they stop instant death magics of all kind. XXXX, RUB, etc.

So getting that Airship should be your top priority, really. It is telling that Sorcerers and other ID using enemies appear in the Ice Cavern, the last time you will be required to do a dungeon without ID protection available.

Gosh, it really makes me prefer the Ice Cavern from ff9...just a cakewalk by comparison...ugh, can't stand Sorcerers, Fighters, Mages, guh

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Posted: 29th April 2017 14:40

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My usual course after the Earth cave is to head to crescent lake and get what I can then head to the ice cave and get the floater.

Then then air ship then get the ship and head to the castle of ordeals and get the rat tail then head back for the air ship. Then I head off to see Bahamut and his kin then finally to the Volcano.

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