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Happy and sad (spoilers)

Posted: 15th November 2019 04:43

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I just got to the part where Sephiroth kills aerith and i can't tell if im sad or angry this really effected me is there anyone else who felt like this?
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Posted: 16th November 2019 21:23

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Yes, every time I have played through that part made me cry a little. It's the music that does me in.

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Posted: 16th November 2019 22:19

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Hiya! I saw you enter Discord the other night, but I couldn’t click over to it fast enough to greet you (was in the midst of a cutscene in FF Brave EXVIUS).

Unfortunately I didn’t have the same emotional reaction, but it’s entirely because I was spoiled for the event. Since I was anticipating it happening for most of the game, my reaction was pretty flat. Honestly, I feel somewhat cheated. It *should* have a great impact.

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Posted: 25th April 2020 01:51

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I was pretty observant during the first commercials on T.V. before FFVII's initial release. I recognized the girl in the church as the one to die later on. When I played the game and beat it for the first time that death had no impact on me.


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Posted: 6th May 2020 23:15

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Aeris's theme is very beautifully poignant and really makes the scene work.

The music by itself brings me to tears, even without the game.

And I say this as someone who has never actually played FF7 far enough to get to this scene, and only knew of it many years after I first heard the music.

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Posted: 15th July 2021 10:33

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Anxious heart is another good one

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