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Lost my chainsaw, can I get another one?

Posted: 21st February 2021 05:32
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Ok so I accidentally glithced out sketch shorty after getting Relm, I honestly wasn't even trying to, I thought the only way to do it was if you sketched Gau. It gave me a bunch of items like dirks, but I got some cool relics and like 54 Excaliburs, so I figured what the heck, I'll keep them and keep playing.

Well a few save points later and I put Edgar in my party, go to use tools, and I'm shocked to realized they are all gone!!?!? I was devastated. The chainsaw is one of my favorite weapons in the game, and now its gone forever. I tried going back to zozo, thinking there was a slim chance I could get it again, but just an empty chest was there.

Does anyone know of a way I can try to get another chainsaw?
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Posted: 21st February 2021 06:36

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The good news: you can get another chainsaw.

The bad news: you steal them from Duel Armor. Looks like these enemies are in Kefka's tower, so you can't get one until near the end of the game.
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Posted: 21st February 2021 18:41
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wow thanks for the info! i just got to the wor on friday night, so i'm not that far off from it. i'll just have to stick with the drill for now. im not sure how far in that enemy is, but maybe once i get the airship i'll try to go in and get one before i die.
thanks again
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Posted: 21st February 2021 21:00

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It's pretty early on, relatively, in the tower. If you're leveled up halfway well, you could get to them pretty quickly after getting the airship. Of course, that means you'll have to go far enough in to get Locke or Gogo, so it still might take a bit.

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Posted: 22nd February 2021 02:12

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More specific info: Team 3 (the one on the right at the party formation screen before entering) can encounter the Duel Armor very early. From where they land, take the lower exit. They'll reach a Magitek background area shortly. Wander around in there until you encounter a formation with the desired monster. Silence all the enemies, Vanish your team, and you can sit there making steal attempts until you have your Chain Saw.

Might as well grab the Hero Ring close by as well as another hidden treasure while you're wandering around for the desired encounter.
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