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Final Fantasy XIV forum

Posted: 24th July 2020 13:23

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If you haven't played it or have basically the game was made by the 'New Generation of Japanese Game Makers' from 2001-2009 who inherited franchises and ruined them. Sadly they gave the keys back to Tanka and the Hawaiian shirt guy who made an FF11 clone and almost destroyed the company.

The game was saved by Yoshi P who had to completely remake it. This game was made by people who love Final Fantasy and the constant tributes to Final Fantasy VI are endless! Nothing like mounting up and Magitek Armor well the Final Fantasy VI theme plays. Or see Uncle Ultros and Mr Coupon make their way back in game.

Or perhaps an entire raid that replays the Final Fantasy VI ending.

Its a pretty deep game that has a strong community so why not try to get that community to come here?

Also for those who are interested in playing they are remaking the first game remake to make it more modern to get rid of some of the old fetch quests. (Looks like they already remade the main quest)

There is a new game plus with this game and everything.

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Posted: 24th July 2020 15:16

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I love FFXIV - it's my main game now - but traditionally there have only been forums at CoN for the games supported, and CoN just doesn't have the bandwidth to support XIV.

If you want to talk about the game, you could always start a thread in the General Squenix Gaming forum.

For those interested in the game who haven't tried it yet: the free trial now includes the first expansion, Heavensward. That's pretty generous!
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Posted: 24th July 2020 18:56

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The topic title doesn't seem to have anything to do with what you posted. But I'm guessing Althea has guessed what you were going for, and she was right. There won't be a forum for that.

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