CoN Downtime March 4, 2017

Posted: 16th February 2017 22:18

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My web hosting provider, who does the day-to-day management of the servers that run CoN (as well as my own site and those of my clients), was recently purchased by a larger company. The good news is that we'll get a faster server out of it, by some degree - the bad news is that we'll be down for a couple hours to make it happen.

On March 4, we'll be taking the site down for the transition starting at 5am Eastern time (10am UTC, unless daylight saving kicks in before then, I can't be bothered to check that). The site will likely be completely down for roughly two hours, during which time you will be unable to access it, or, if you somehow manage to, anything you do like forum posts or fanart submissions will probably be wiped later.

I'll post again after we get the all-clear so that you guys can help me test things out that weekend. wink.gif

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