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Posted by: Spoony Bard 21st September 2002 19:08
Which do you prefer the hard-type with more abilities and items...... or the easy one where characters have few abilities, but it is easier to defeat?

I prefer the Hard-Type because the game is more interesting and challenging.

Posted by: Sabin 21st September 2002 19:15
What good is a game if you can just breeze right through it? Definitely hardtype

Posted by: firesoulbird 21st September 2002 20:53
The only one I've played to any extent is hardtype, so, hardtype!

Posted by: Super Moogle 22nd September 2002 02:24
Hmm, hard choice.

Easy type was fun, I must say.  I really didn't think about the lack of challenge at the time, since I had nothing to compare it to.  The whole experience was just as satisfying in terms of plot and characters.

Hard type and I have a love-hate relationship.  Naturally, I love hard type for its devilish challenge, and it certainly hasn't lost any of its charm in the story.  Still, sometimes the hard type becomes a bit overwhelming, usually due to the knowledge that it could be so much easier, and was before hard type was released.

Still, in the end, challenge won through.  Both were versions of a great game, but hard type's unique challenge made it that much greater.

Posted by: Rubicant 22nd September 2002 04:45
J2E's version of Hardtype, thanks. Square's hardtype on FFC SUCKS.

Posted by: Mithreel 22nd September 2002 07:38
Well, I've only had the experience of playing the SNES version, and really, it's harder than just about every other game after it besides 5.  I'll say simply, that I'd prefer some aspects of both.  For example, I'd like the game to be tougher, but I really don't see Asura being a useful summon without the chance for that massive cure attack.  Not the topic of Asura, it is a decent but not too difficult challenge in the SNES version to beat Asura without using reflect, but I suppose that isn't possible in hardtype.  More options doesn't make things better if everything isn't useful in some way or another.  Alerts would making getting pink tails a whole lot easier though.  =P

Anyway, all of us could go back and make balance and battle system adjustments for the better on just about ever game in existence... and that is unfortunately the problem with console games.  I don't particularly like the idea of online games for console series (and they shold have called it FFO those crazies), but it would be nice if they could and would figure out how to easily patch console games.  That way, new games that come out wouldn't have things like Relm sketch bugs and evade bugs unless you never bothered to download the patch.

Posted by: FraudulentTommah 22nd September 2002 15:35
Am I the only one who had hardly any challange in the Hardtype? I don't know why it was so hard, to me, it was pretty much the same game with more things, and I like more things. So I chose Hardtype.

Posted by: Jlombardi13 23rd September 2002 02:04
Hardtype wasn't much harder, and there were many useless items that crowded your inventory. However, the better translation, less censoring, etc were better. So Hardtype.

Posted by: Domone Cashew 25th September 2002 20:18
hard-type all the way...the more complex the game the more fun it is!!!!!   if its easy then u lose interest A LOT quicker!!!  thats why i quit using the codes for most of the games I have now...ANYWAYS...hard-type is the only way to go now a-days!!!

Posted by: Tidu-who 26th September 2002 20:33
Well guys, I've never played FF4 and voted easy. Looks like I win again.

Posted by: Zero_Hawk 28th September 2002 20:57
I'd go with hard type, i beat easy to quickly. easy had so much stuff taken out. and besides that look at the stat differences for me. In easy my chars averaged level 30 when i beat it (i have beat it at least 150 times....) and when i beat it on hard type my chars averaged 60 and 50, thank god for the all boss area, massive levels!!! :D

Posted by: SailorCallie 13th October 2002 20:30
Although FFIV HardType is tough, and it shows because I'm having trouble memorizing the various items that wasn't in the EasyType, I can't get the GameShark codes to work right.

For example: I've inputted two codes, one for Max EXP. and one for Max Gil, on my original, parlell(sp)-port Game Shark Ver. 2.42, and nothing happend. I've tried the same codes on a GameShark CDX Ver. 3.3, and the same results happened.  >_<

Posted by: FraudulentTommah 14th October 2002 00:19
Blah to Gameshark, play through the game the way it was meant to be played through before tinkering with it with a Gameshark. It's the only way.

Posted by: Ninja Edge 14th October 2002 22:51
Hardtype all the way. I'm with the J2E version too ^_^ FFC's "hardtype" was just an updated story and slightly harder monsters and several new abilities to cancel the "hard" effect. The real hardtype with the kickass story is the one everyone likes and provides the most challenge and subsequent fun. YAY!

Posted by: H1Ro 15th October 2002 22:55
Hardtype I always like a good challenge.

Posted by: Edgar 27th October 2002 01:44
uh ez i never liked a hard game

Posted by: Elena1999 2nd November 2002 06:07
Yeah, I picked easy because apparently I suck and found easy still to be pretty hard so I wouldn't want it to be any harder so...yeah...

Posted by: Fadien 2nd November 2002 21:32
I started playing the hard time... and all I gotta say is.....


I can tell a BIG difference in difficulty, but it is so much cooler.  I no longer run away from half the battles in a dungon, since you need every bit of EXP you can get, and there are so many new abilitys and stuff.  It's quite cool.

Hard type gets my vote

Posted by: MammonLordOfTheThird 15th November 2002 02:37
Hardtype all the way, If it's too easy it bores me and I probably will never play it again

Posted by: RoyalKnight 17th November 2002 03:55
I picked easy, not because of the difficulty mind you (I'd probably own most of you in RPGs, and I that's no bluff (and don't respond to that, plz)), but I grew up with easy. When I played hard, I'm going whoop-de-doo, start off with less HP, and the monsters are tougher, and I actually have to use that damn Fat Chocobo. But I was already an RPG veteran by then, so the difficulty difference was marginal, adding only a slight variation to the game.

Text-translation shouldn't count because that's just Squaresoft's fault. But when I played FF7 and FF8, they were OH so easy for me. (I was wondering why everyone was having a tough time on Emerald Weapon... He was kinda' fun to fight!) But imagine the beginner who starts out playing the games, then has his ass kicked in the beginning of the game. Kind of a deterrment from playing that game, or RPGs for that matter.

Basically, I think that the added difficulty to Hardtype (which I KNOW is the original anyway, but...) is something that's nice, but you can do away with it without any loss.

Posted by: Neal 17th November 2002 08:55
Hardtype was nice because you got to fight some programmers and use all the new items...too bad I ended up selling all of the ones that didn't increase my HP or MP Maxes.  The only ones I ended up using were Bacchus' Wine and Hermes' Shoes, which saved my butt a lot.  It was just more enjoyable than easytype because I felt like I finally got the true FF4 experience that gamers were meant to have.

Posted by: Tiddles 17th November 2002 13:05
The translation point isn't just about the poor quality of the FF2US translation, it's what's in it.  The plot and dialogue is deliberately toned down, as well as the items, abilities etc.

I've no objection to the game being easier, but I don't see why they had to take out abilities like Dark Wave from it.  And that's why Hard Type will always be better, in my opinion.

Posted by: Melfice 20th November 2002 11:06
I prefer FFIV-Hardtype because: the character dialogs are much better in hardtype than in easytype, its more challanging and has more abilitys.

Posted by: Dark Paladin 23rd March 2003 04:34
Hard Type: Original
Easy Type: Ability Cut, Challenge Cut, Item Cut, PLOT Cut, Name changes (for almost EVERY-THING/ONE)
...Can you guess what I voted for?

Posted by: Kylerocks 24th March 2003 23:48
I pefer Hard.

I didn't really notice the challenge...guess I'm...too good...

...uh sorry.  But the addition of the commands.  (Dark wave rocked!)   I did notice the extra spells.  (THANK YOU SQUARE!!)  Safe saved Edge's weak-arse hide when it came to heavy hitters late in the game.  

But I still don't get after playing the game like 20 times that when Rydia gets hit by a behomoth it's 1 damage.  But Edge...2000 and he's kneeling on the ground whimpering in pain...I guess Rydia needs to 'whip' him into shape...

Posted by: ATG 25th March 2003 10:37
I did not know that there were different typs, but when i found out, I also found out that I had been playing easy-type, but I just copied the save file over to the hard type rom.

Posted by: Tiddles 25th March 2003 11:09
Yes, bizarrely enough, using the SRAM from one version works in another.  You can also put an FF4 normal save into FF2us, and you have all the additional spells that aren't in FF2us that you've already learnt (though they're usually named "Dummy").

Conversely, you probably won't get most of the new abilities by converting an FF2us save to FF4.

Posted by: SilverMaduin 25th March 2003 13:18
Let's make this to the point:
I started off playing the "easy" version - having no trouble whatsoever with any enemy in the game. Then, suddenly,... *BOOM* a friend of mine mails me the HT-version.
It's way more challenging at the begginning, the DarkWave owns (battle time with groups of wimps cut by 1/2 ) and the Plot makes much more sense... so HardType, Ludziska! (as we say in Poland,...welll, some of us)

(WOW, I actually said soomething in polish in my 100th post!  :E )

Posted by: Excalibur 25th March 2003 19:46
I thought there was no such thing as Hard type??

But i would prefer the harder 1 giving the fact thats the only 1 I have played at the minute.

Posted by: Quad 13th April 2014 02:02
what is necropost

I just finished the DS version, which was about 6 years away when this topic was started, but as I understand it the DS version is on hardtype. It wasn't THAT hard; I had to grind up fairly significantly (like, 10 levels) before Zeromus, and I while I did use Bacchus' Wine and Hermes' Sandals once or twice it was usually easier to just have Rosa take care of all that. There are definitely some tough fights in the game but I really don't think it's anything outside of typical RPG fare. Not having ever played easytype I guess I can't compare the two but, even as a largely casual gamer, I found hardtype to be not that hard. It was definitely fun though!

Posted by: Billdolfski 13th April 2014 14:31
Don't quote me on this because I'm not real familiar with the DS version (never ever played it), but from what I understand it's not so much based on HardType as that it's really just on a different system. I believe the level progression and stats are different amongst other things so it's quite the remake. That being said, I've heard it's really tough... like tougher than the original HardType, but I can't say from experience.

I say HardType is better for the simple fact I don't appreciate it when they dumb the FF games down for the American audience. It's frustrating, to say the least.

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