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A couple of Modding queries

Posted: 21st November 2021 21:12
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I'm using ffhackster currently to do some balancing and cosmetic tweaking to the game, and I was hoping to be able to mod a couple of other features that don't seem to be supported in hackster. One thing I want is to modify useable items such as tent, cabin, etc. My goal is to give tent the effect of house, and turn cabin into hi-potion, and house into phoenix down. Another effect I'd like to have is the ability to heal stone and death in battle, but i don't see a way to make that happen using ffhackster. And one more thing that comes to mind, is the ability to modify spell levels and add new spells to the game. I worked around this so far by just modifying a lot of existing spells to get more or less the effect I wanted, but it's definitely still something I'm interested in. So far, I've made it so that each spell level only has 3 spells available to black and white mages, and the 4th spell of each color is used for knight and ninja so that they have 8 skills total. On a related note, is there any way to make a spell effect which causes enemies to take more damage from either spells or physical damage? i.e. a spell that caused enemies to take more magic damage by making them "weak" to all elements or even magic in general, and a spell which simply lowers a monsters absorb?
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Posted: 17th July 2023 08:02
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If ffhackster doesn't provide a way to make this happen, it's possible that the functionality you're looking for is not readily available through that particular tool.
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