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Posted by: Blinge Odonata 17th May 2011 09:42
So my first playthrough of the DS version finds me halfway up the tower of Babil..
And I notice for the first time that I can cast a single protect/shell spell and it buffs the whole party. Now forgive me if I'm terribly wrong but you're usually restricted to one party member at a time with these?

First off: wow.. wish I'd realised this earlier.
Possible spoilers: highlight to view
Would have helped a lot with the Dolls and Golbez fight in the Dwarven castle before

Secondly: was it possible to cast on all in the original? or remakes that were more faithful to the original like FFIVGBA or Complete ?

Posted by: RelmArrowney 17th May 2011 11:25
It's on the PSP version too, though I don't remember being able to do that in the PSX version!

You can do the same with black magic spells on enemies, it's pretty effective. I used to not use Rydia all that much, but 30 mp for 4 enemie's instant death > 30 mp for overkilling one enemy, hahaha.

Edit: Though I have had "Shell" occasionally miss on 1 or 2 party members if I use it on everyone. I dunno if the hit rate (?) is affected or what.

Posted by: Fatal 17th May 2011 11:40
Yeah, I believe it started with the DS remake to throw Protect and Shell on all party members if desired. It wasn't like that on the SNES or PSX versions, I know. I'm not sure about the GBA version, as I've never played it.

And yes, it's also like this in the Complete Collection version too. Although it'll occasionally miss a party member or two, which I don't remember happening to me in the DS version...but that's alright. I'll take it.

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