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Posted by: Rangers51 29th September 2018 00:20
A couple years ago, I had the idea to do a Twitch stream of FFT with Death_Penalty, for a combination of someone who has played through the game a dozen times with someone who never got all the way through chapter one. We didn't get too much further than that back then, as our schedules derailed us, but we've restarted now on the CoN Twitch channel:

We try to stream this FFT series on Friday afternoons, American time. Please check out an episode or two! smile.gif

Posted by: Harlequin 29th September 2018 16:06
Do you guys have a set time during Friday afternoon? I'd listen in if I'm still at work, or I'd watch if I happened to be home

Posted by: Rangers51 29th September 2018 21:12
Oh, you should know better than that. Plans are for more capable people. smile.gif

We TRY to start around 3 Eastern. Schedules often mean something else entirely.

Posted by: Harlequin 6th October 2018 15:16
Oh no, I missed yesterday, I'm so sorry! I will try to do a calendar reminder in my phone so I can remember at work

Posted by: Rangers51 7th October 2018 00:54
If you follow CoN on Twitch you’ll get emails when we go live. wink.gif

Posted by: Bahamut_Zero 8th October 2018 14:21
Very cool, will try to check it out. I work Friday nights but hopefully I can watch you guys before work.

Posted by: Rangers51 15th October 2018 16:58
If you're missing the streams, of course you should be following us on Twitch. But otherwise you can see our growing playlist of replays on YouTube:

Posted by: Rangers51 15th March 2019 20:59
We are winding down to the end now, with probably just two or three streams left before we reach the endgame. There may be more sideline streams of me messing around in Midlight's Deep in the meantime, or maybe even some streaming of the multiplayer portions of War of the Lions, but the main storyline is coming to a close.

With that in mind, I was mulling the idea in today's stream of doing a giveaway of a perler bead sprite to one of our Twitch followers at the end, so if you're not yet following us please do!

The sprite will be either of a chicken, or Ramza's butt in his weird chapter 4 outfit, or maybe something else fun. Feel free to voice your opinion in this thread. smile.gif

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