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Pips and Ranks
    Pips: These diamond-shaped pips, indicate how many posts you have. They appear in two ranks of as many as eight per rank, just below your user name or avatar on your posts. You get an extra half-pip for each posting rank you ascend into (half pips are the "empty" diamonds you might see around the forums). There are 32 ranks, which are discussed below.

    You'll notice that not everyone's pip set is the same color. Regular members, regardless of their rank, have bronze pips. Staff emeritus have a set of half-pips with a nice bronze chocobo. Staffers without moderation duties get a set of half-full silver stars and a chobobo, while forum moderators have a full set of stars with the same CoN chocobo. Then, we have senior staff who do not have forum admin authority; they get a set of half-full golden stars and chocobo. Finally, we have senior forum administrators have a full set of golden stars, with a matching golden chocobo.

    Ranks: Corresponding to the pips assocated with your membership here is a rank. You get a new rank each time you earn a new pip image. The ranks, and the posts required to earn them, are as follows:

    Onion Knight25
    Treasure Hunter50
    Chocobo Knight75
    Black Mage155
    Magitek Soldier275
    Red Wing Pilot450
    Disciplinary Committee Member550
    Black Waltz850
    Holy Swordsman1900
    Elemental Fiend3300

    Before you ask, we don't know yet what we're going to do when all the ranks are uncovered. And, frankly, we have very little doubt that any of you will ever get there. But we suggest you not spam to find out, or even spam just to go up a level. Because we'll ban you. :)

    Staff members all have a custom rank title, that they can change. You don't have one. It's just the way it is, sorry.