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How often forcing your opponent's resignation?

Posted: 9th April 2024 18:27

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Now that you opened the door let me explain how well I have done without chess. In chess though I force my opponent to resign more than they do to me.

Magic the Gathering. 4/5 times. I won a draft blindly. I do not need the internet to read a Magic card no matter when it was printed. I have played for years.

Shooters. Video games. 9/10 times. Though I am getting older and more old school. People say they do not want to play me again after the game. One of the reasons I do not play now. I played for years.

Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, Scrabble, ect.,. A great deal of the time. They are easier for people to understand over Chess and Magic. Though I do not think they would pose any challenges to any chess master anyway.

I am not great at social deduction games. My opponents force my resignation equally.

I play many other games too, yet the list is too long for it here. This is open to interpretation to a minor extent. You can be correct that not everything is solved. Yet you do not need to know everything to be a champion or to have fun. wink.gif


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