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We can all feel like winners.

Posted: 4th August 2021 05:34

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The topic title isn't long enough for the whole thing. There can only be one winner though it doesn't mean you shouldn't feel like one. I propose a contest.

I'm unsure how much attention this will draw though I will post this on more forums besides this one. I'm planning to write a story based of fantasy. It is DnD based though I can write it in a way where there might not be a difference. While I'm unable to work on plot and structure that well I want you to guess the ending.
You're probably thinking there's no way you can trust this poster. I can alter my own work at will without anyone knowing if that's the intended ending or not. But I want to give out an award. I want someone to win 20$ and for me to write about them. You can stipulate the story conditions or make simply say to you 'Congrats on winning.' Keep in mind this will difficult for me too. It is possible to pool your knowledge amongst each other to find out like a team. I will have to have faith you know me well enough not to ask for assistance. This is the best we can do when not in person about this.
In a few months the story will be done and there's only one winner. I'm writing about a fantasy and will provide the beginning for a clue. With that kind of tag line make the best guess in your life to be immortalized. Unless you doubt my ability to write. For my sanity I would have to limit the guesses to hundreds of unique people. If you are unable to prove who you are that is grounds for disqualification.


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