CoN 20th Anniversary: 1997-2017
what classes did everyone pick?

Posted: 29th June 2011 15:10

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From top to bottom:

Red Mage
White Mage

Oops! Had the silly thing in reverse.^_^"

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Posted: 21st July 2011 13:05

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Warrior (Desh)
Black Mage (Gilles)
White Mage (Elia)
Red Mage (Elayne)

^ I've always used this formation, in every Final Fantasy game where you can change jobs.

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Posted: 21st July 2011 21:21

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My Classes were
White Mage:JD(Didnt know White mage was a Chick until it became a White Wizard in the new one for the PSP)
Black Mage:Anine
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Posted: 31st July 2011 18:56

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I did this.


Warrior: Cloud
Thief: Yuffie
White Mage: Aeris
Black Mage: Vivi


Warrior: Ryan
Thief: Aaron
White Mage: Kelly
Black Mage: Kaleb

I was playing FFVII when I did number one.

TWEWY is pretty fun.
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Posted: 24th July 2013 23:07

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Probably the easiest is the one I am using currently:
Fighter "John"
Black Mage "Rose"
Black Belt "Dave"
White Mage "Jade"

Another one I have used (and liked):
Fighter "Jane"
Thief "Roxy"
Black Belt "Dirk"
Red Mage "Jake"

Probably my favorite is Fi, Th, BM, WM; if you are willing to put up with a useless thief until you can change classes. Another good one is Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage, and then either a Fighter or a Thief; if you like magic. The hardest party is 4WM. If you can beat the game with that, you are a Final Fantasy master.

The Thief is just a less powerful version of the Fighter who can't use as many weapons as the Fighter, so I never liked him.

If you fight Bahamut, you can change classes, upgrading your thief into a ninja. Ninjas can use nearly every weapon, and can use some black magic as well. In short, they are as awesome as ninjas should be.

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Posted: 13th January 2014 23:09

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Kabuto - Knight
Baku- Theif
Noctis - Black mage
Anri - White mage
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Posted: 14th January 2014 23:43

Black Mage
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First time I played was in 1990. The original Final Fantasy was a cold, very unforgiving game. I accidentally picked this lineup and it wound up serving me well.

Warrior: John
Warrior: Joe
Black Mage: Jake
White Mage: Josh

I was obsessed with the letter J apparently.

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Posted: 27th April 2017 23:18

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my first play through was a Fighter,Fighter,White mage , Black mage.

my preferred squad is fighter plus all three mages. or else Fighter,Monk/Black Belt, white and black mages.

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Posted: 28th April 2017 12:50

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I'm playing through this again, though very slowly. My current team is a Fighter, Monk, Red Mage & White Mage. This is my first time without using a Black Mage, and so far I'm not really missing him.

I really should try this game without a Fighter in my party, though. He does make things much easier.
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Posted: 29th April 2017 03:00

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My first play when it first came out on NES was Fighter,Thief,Monk, and White Mage. I have played many times thru and enjoyed them all. I did find another that I liked playing and it is 4 White Mages. If you want a challenge that is the way to get it.

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