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Posted by: soyelmejor13 12th October 2012 07:17
First, I love the site. It's very simple and easy to use; plus it doesn't hurt my eyes to look at due to an overabundance of loud, flashy advertising (as many video game sites often have).
Unfortunately I seem to have come across at least one missing enemy for your FFVI list. I have just now run into a Wirey Drgn on the Floating Continent. I don't know much about it other than it can cast Wing and is not weak to Bolt damage. It appeared as a flyer with two Ninjas.

Also, many skills that enemies use aren't described on this site. Is there any chance that an "Enemy Skill" list could be created in the future?

Posted by: Rangers51 12th October 2012 11:02
Welcome and thanks for the compliment, that's appreciated. We've been offered advertising packages in the past that would have made us look more like other gaming sites, and while I'd love to break even financially on this site, it's never been worth it at the expense of the site itself.

With regards to your query, it does appear that Wirey Drgn is missing from the enemies list because it was mistakenly labeled as a boss in our internal data. You're the first person to mention that in ten years. smile.gif It's been restored to the enemies page now.

We have been slowly working on improving the FF6 coverage, though that process has indeed been very, very slow. I can't actually guarantee anything any more because we actually have next to nobody who works on the site any more - it's not like six or eight years ago when we had ten to twenty people who were willing and had the patience and time to do the kind of work required to make the site have good data and be user-friendly (a lot of sites have one but not the other, as you've probably found).

I'm sure if we can get finished, the enemy skills will be better described, either in the walkthrough or in the more tabular data. When or if that will be, I wish I could tell you.

Hope to see you around more!

Posted by: Blinge Odonata 12th October 2012 19:23
Hey soyelmejor, welcome =]

Posted by: Kame 13th October 2012 05:41
Quote (Rangers51 @ 12th October 2012 03:02)
You're the first person to mention that in ten years. smile.gif It's been restored to the enemies page now.

I think it's kinda.. amazing/crazy that this slipped through, but I gotta say I can't remember the last time I looked at that basic information page. Usually it's just the front page, forums and the site submissions page.

Posted by: soyelmejor13 13th October 2012 07:28
Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm glad I could be useful so soon after finding the site. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes.

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