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A Typical Fairytale - A Short Film

Posted: 12th June 2018 19:26

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Hello everyone!
I know I've not been around as often, mostly because life as a parent and actor have filled my life. Recently, I've begun dabbling with producing as well, which brings me here to share this!

I've been working very hard on this:

We're fundraising to further bolster the budget of our short film, the first of my fiancee's under her production company and I am pretty excited for it.

I know you are all busy with your lives and E3 and such, but if supporting the arts is your thing, please have a look at our Indiegogo for our short film and share it around with other like-minded folk!

To give you a quick idea of the film if you don't follow the link:
It's about a young "typical" couple that fall in love and proceed to set in motion their fairytale romance: get married, buy a "castle" and have a child. However, over time, it becomes clear to them their child does not feel comfortable as they were born and struggles with identity. Sherry, Larry and the child, Sarah, have to figure out a way to navigate this, now, atypical fairytale.

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