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Posted by: Narratorway 19th April 2019 22:23
So this is an important announcement for anyone who's got hold of the PC port of FFIX. Now it's no small secret that the pc version, like every version that's not the original PSX game, was just a sloppy re-tread of the originally sloppy mobile port, with the lo-rez background images never being given true HD updates. There's now a WIP mod that aims to fix that.

And looking at the images they've shown on their website, I gotta say...

user posted image

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 20th April 2019 01:50
Huh. I might actually get FFIX, at this rate.

Posted by: Cefca 20th April 2019 16:57
I like it. A lot.

Posted by: Bahamut_Zero 25th April 2019 03:57
I saw some screenshots and it looks amazing.

Posted by: Harlequin 1st May 2019 01:27
Okay for the record overall I didn't like FFIX that much (although I thought it had some classic moments) but WOW those textures make me want to rethink that. However I'm a little disappointed by the cover of "A Place to Call Home"...I prefer the bare bones original

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