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Dissidia SPECIFIC Forum Section

Posted: 12th November 2009 14:02
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Hi I'd like to request a Dissidia specific forum section where we can post how to play the game using a PS3 and the Japanese ad hoc party system also we can post tactics there, character information strategies tournaments etc. Is this a good idea or no?
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Posted: 12th November 2009 15:52

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Our users, by and large, tend to focus their Final Fantasy conversation on the games we cover, and we like to promote that while still allowing people to discuss other games all they like. For that reason, we have a long-standing policy of having standalone forums only for the games that are covered on the main site. I don't see a significant reason to change that policy for Dissidia.

I feel that if you want to discuss those things for Dissidia, creating threads in General Squenix will do just fine for you. The people who share your desire to discuss Dissidia will no doubt find those threads.

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