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Golden sun review

Posted: 4th December 2018 11:15

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The game starts off where you are in the past, and you start as a character named Isaac.

As Isaac you are introduced to multiple characters who are close friends of yours, and a few other important characters such as felix, and then you are introduced to a a cutscene and more cutscenes and the gameplay finally starts.

The gameplay mixes puzzle solving and rpg, as it is a jrpg.You have a power called psy power which you use to move blocks and interact with puzzles in events, as puzzles are a huge strongpoint in this game, and I will admit its enjoyable.

You have something called djinns, which are elemental summons akin to the ff series, but not really because you don't get permanent bonuses from them.Instead having a full set of elementals of the corresponding element raises your max stats like equipment, and hp like in FF8 actually.

The djinns are really scattered, and sometimes you will have to get a walkthrough to figure out where things are, because the djinns can be even in places such as random battles, and good luck finding out where they are, since its very random.

Some of the music is really good, such as
Regular battle theme
Saturos boss theme.

This is a really good song and while I was getting my butt kicked I was rocking to this theme.Its pretty intense theme

And this is where my problems with the game begin:

The randomness of the djinns and the super dependence of them in order to do anything and finding the said djinns is ridiculous. If you don't have djinns, you are so weak that you cannot possibly win.

The game has fairly high encounter rate too, that sometimes can drive you insane, and enemies will destroy your team if you spam attack.

There are no purchasable PP(Psychic power) items that you can buy.You can find but not buy.

You also cannot purchase water of life to resurrect your team.

The difficulty ramps up too quickly, and with the djinns, that makes failure a actual thing, plus if you level up, it wont help much at all if you didn't get the missing djinns.

The games ending is a disappointment, as it ends abruptly, and then finishes. I thought I was going to have more lands to explore, but the game ended super abruptly and left me angry. FF legends on the Gameboy and legends 2 and 3 are longer games.

The powers also feel at times like they are way out far away and frustrating to get, like time stop.I had to use a walkthrough to find all the stuff.

And that is my review of the game.Does it hold up? Its an ok game, but its definitely a bit overhyped.The flaws and lack of difficulty ramp, id give this a 7 out of 10 personally.

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Posted: 27th December 2018 17:53

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The game gives you encounters with quite enough djinn even without hunting for them. And unless you're constantly using summons, simply keeping your djinn equipped for random battles is good enough for everything.

(The summons are also often calculating damage based on total HP of target, so they are actually relatively useless for mooks, and best saved for bosses.)

The games ending is a disappointment, as it ends abruptly, and then finishes. I thought I was going to have more lands to explore, but the game ended super abruptly and left me angry.

This is because the story of Golden Sun is actually split between two games, because it turned out to be too big for one cartridge. It's also why you can transfer your completion save using a complex password system.

The story continues in Golden Sun: the Lost Age.

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