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Posted by: Elena99 6th October 2017 10:33
I'm not sure if this is possible for this forum, but... on other forums that I go on (which, admittedly, are newer) whenever I click on a thread that I have already read part of, I go directly to the next unread post, meaning that I don't have to read through all the posts that I've already read. Could that be done here?

Posted by: Rangers51 6th October 2017 13:24
If you go to the "View New Posts" function, which you can find near the top of all forum pages, you can get a list of new posts:

By clicking the little down arrow icon to the left of the topic title, you'll land exactly where you expect.

You can also get to that new posts view from the site homepage if you're logged in. Clicking the number of new posts from the box on the site homepage will take you to that same place.

I think what you're suggesting is that it be the default functionality for clicking links into topics, which I don't think we'll be able to do based on the time investment.

Posted by: Elena99 6th October 2017 14:16
I was thinking of the latter, but I didn't know about the arrow (or perhaps I had just forgotten about it). Thank you smile.gif The arrow works.

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