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What games are you playing at the moment?

Posted: 26th June 2021 10:35
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I play a resident evil village, very good game. It tries to please all the different type of fans of the series even if it is more or less successful at times. I'm still not a big fan of the gameplay, but there is an improvement over the 7

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Posted: 30th June 2021 07:58

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Got all the Celestial weapons in FFX. And since I'm feeling cheeky, I'm giving them ratings on how annoying they were to fully upgrade. Ratings are purely subjective.

I had a longer version typed out but the session timed out before I was able to post. Of all the times to fail to back up what I typed, sigh. So this is the abbreviated version. May add in the longer thoughts at a later date.

Tidus: 9/10: That chocobo race felt barely doable. The spawn times of the Ninja Gaiden birds become learnable after repeated attempts. Eventually got that lucky run with lots of balloons and only getting smacked by birds once.

Yuna: 5/10 Some optional Aeons are really well hidden. The Aeon duels do add up time-wise but if obtaining them all anyways, Anima or Magus Sisters can steamroll all but the last.

Wakka: 9/10 Took so damned long to grind through all that Blitzball. Not a perfect 10 on the Annoy-o-meter because winning is easy with a strong team.

Lulu: 6/10 Felt like lightning dodging took too damned long but it was consistent once I found a good spot. After some practice, got 200 the first time I went for it. Added a point to the annoyance rating because of the Onion Knight itself.

Kimahri: 9/10 That butterfly minigame, ugh. Succeeding seemed to entail rote memorization which gave me uncomfortable Battletoads vibes. At least the courses are short. Once I had done it, didn't feel so impossible looking back but was the most daunting at first.

Auron: 3/10 Filling up the blank spaces in the Monster Arena is something I'm inclined to do anyways so it didn't feel like a chore. 10 qualifying creations is a bit more of a hill to climb as there's often that one monster that is stubborn about appearing.

Rikku; 7/10 This was somewhat fun, the first time. Then I remember that it's a long walk back to the stone each time, some of the clues are really vague, and the encounter rate gets on my nerves without a No Encounters equip. At least the Sigil is obtainable even if failing every attempt at the Cactuar guardians.
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Posted: 12th July 2021 18:32

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My pokédex completion on Pokémon Perfect Crystal (2020 Update version) is now 104/276.

(the 276 includes all the different forms of Unown)

For those who aren't aware, this is a hack of Pokémon Crystal that stays pretty close to the original but fixes various bugs and also makes it possible to get a full pokédex. (For example, trade evolutions now use stones instead.)

Recently got Surf and Strength. The game has really opened up at this point; I think there are two different sidequests leading to two different gyms (Olivine and Mahogany) as far as what to do for my fifth gym.

current games:
Pokémon Perfect Crystal (2020 Update version)
100% Orange Juice

tabled games:
Frane: Dragons' Odyssey
Jeanne d'Arc
Shining Resonance Refrain
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