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Posted by: AltheaValara 17th September 2016 18:15
I've been making some Final Fantasy amigurumi lately, and thought you might enjoy seeing them.

First up, a baby chocobo! The eyes aren't as cute as the model from the pattern, but I didn't have any felt so I worked with what I had. Still pretty pleased with the results. by, on Flickr

Then we have a Mandragora. I first encountered this model in FFXI, but they show up in XII and XIV as well. by, on Flickr

And finally, my favorite, a Moogle. I'm especially pleased with how his face came out. Yeah, I know his wings are supposed to be purple but I didn't have any purple yarn, so I used navy blue instead. Eventually I'll correct it, but I'm really pleased with how it is so far. by Althea Valara, on Flickr

Posted by: Cefca 17th September 2016 20:48
Very impressive! I think my favourite is the Tonberry. He even has his little knife!

Posted by: Rangers51 17th September 2016 21:08
Yeah, I'm with Cefca. I get why you're fond of the Moogle, he's really excellent too, but that Tonberry rocks it. In the style, his cloak turns into an adorable little hooded sweater. biggrin.gif

Posted by: AltheaValara 19th September 2016 16:48
Thanks for the compliments! I can see why the Tonberry is popular. He's my second favorite of the group. A friend on another site said that this pattern makes him look friendly, LOL. I was just happy to find a free pattern, as the one I had originally queued was a paid pattern and I don't have money to spend right now.

Here's the patterns I used, in case anyone else wants to make one.
Cactuar pattern

Posted by: AltheaValara 2nd August 2017 18:26
I made another amigurumi! This is, on Flickr

Posted by: Elena99 27th August 2017 16:36
Hi Althea! Thanks for pointing me to this thread from another one. You've done some great work.

I have done a lot of amigurumi, but none for final fantasy, which is odd considering the possibilities.

If you don't mind, though, I'd like to share a photo of a Baby Groot that I made:

user posted image

Also, a random bat, which is one of my favs:

user posted image

Posted by: AltheaValara 27th August 2017 18:00
Your Baby Groot is very good, and I love your bat! wub.gif Bats are one of my favorite animals.

I finished Rain and Lasswell from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius yesterday! I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Their bodies are crocheted in one piece, which I'll definitely do again as it's much easier than sewing limbs on. Their clothes are knitted. I basically took adult sized clothing patterns and scaled them way down. by Althea Valara, on Flickr

Posted by: Elena99 27th August 2017 18:30

I'm not familiar with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and the characters, but the ones you made look very good smile.gif

Posted by: AltheaValara 31st December 2017 23:09
I haven't been around the forums much lately because I've been busy (I missed most of the Regalia voting cry.gif ). One of the things that kept me busy was more Final Fantasy crafting! Here's my latest.

First up is Rinoa! I have an acquaintance who has admired my other amigurumi, but lamented that she couldn't make them herself because she didn't know how to crochet. "Challenge accepted!" I thought to myself, and swore my next one would be entirely knitted. I made Rinoa completely from scratch, using techniques I've picked up from other patterns. I'm tickled that my nefarious plans actually worked out! Rinoa's not perfect - I don't like her hair and she came out cock-eyed because I placed the eyes before stuffing the head - but I'm still really pleased with her! by, on Flickr

Here is White Knight Noel from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. I made him for FFBE's Best Holiday Greetings contest, and I am pleased to say he's a finalist. I'm not getting many votes, alas, so I won't win the contest, but at least I get 500 lapis for making the top 20! by, on Flickr

Back: by Althea Valara, on Flickr

Posted by: Rangers51 1st January 2018 00:21
I was about to comment on how cute all of these were and then I saw the CoN logo one. Pandering to the audience will get you everywhere.

Posted by: AltheaValara 20th June 2018 21:48
Rangers51, I'd been wanting to turn the CoN logo into a hot pad for a while, so it was fun to finally do it! I think it turned out well.

Another one for my collection! This is Maritime Strategist Nichol from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: by so you can see what he looks like in game.

Posted by: Harlequin 22nd June 2018 02:43
Very cool and cute work! I know Nichol because my friend likes FFBE and she was telling me about his sister, Luka!

Posted by: AltheaValara 9th July 2018 22:16
Thank you!

I've been replaying FFBE's story lately, and have reached Olderion which is where Luka, Nichol, and Elle's story takes place. I love all of FFBE's story, but theirs especially. It was good to see it again, though I admit I got a bit teary-eyed.

Posted by: Perigryn 7th August 2018 19:47
Great work on these! They're all so endearing!

Posted by: AltheaValara 8th August 2018 00:21
Thank you! Next up is Coro from Star Ocean:Anamnesis. As soon as I first saw him in the game, I knew I wanted to make him.

Posted by: AltheaValara 16th September 2018 00:14
As promised, here is Coro from Star Ocean:Anamnesis! his body shape is not quite right (he's actually triangular in game) but his features are spot on. by, on Flickr

He was indeed a challenge to make. I learned a lot while crocheting him. Not sure if I've really captured him well, but I'm pretty pleased that I figured out how to turn heels in crochet and do colorwork.

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 19th September 2018 03:45
It looks like a demented clown, so it definitely works.

Posted by: AltheaValara 18th June 2019 22:48
I have more to share, but iíve Maxed out my Flickr storage so iím Just going to give you Links to my tweets where I posted them. My apologies for making you click and not being able to embed.

Akstar from FFBE:

Rinoa v2.0:

White mage blanket square:

Apologies for the bare links, iím posting from my phone and itís too much of a pain to make pretty links (just doing this much was a chore!)

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 23rd August 2019 20:06
I especially like the Chocobo one, what with it being double-sided with two different colors of chocobo.

Posted by: St Khael 6th September 2019 18:54
I need all of them. But mostly...the drag around while in cosplay...for reasons...creepy...creepy reasons...

Posted by: AltheaValara 13th September 2019 22:39
I mentioned in other threads that I was working on a shawl to wear to the Distant Worlds concert tomorrow. Itís finished! I posted a pic on Twitter, here:

GMH: thanks! The chocobo square is my favorite as well. It really came out nice.

St Khael: I would love to see what you would do with Kefka!

Posted by: St Khael 18th September 2019 22:31
Quote (AltheaValara @ 13th September 2019 22:39)

St Khael: I would love to see what you would do with Kefka!

I'd carry him around by one little arm with a wide, dead eyed gaze while in my Terra cosplay...after I craft a slave crown of course. >_>;

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