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Posted by: ffpianomaster 6th April 2004 06:23
I'm working on...

Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy Vi
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Chrono Trigger
Kingdom Hearts
Star Fox Adventures
Warcraft III
The Sims
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

All of those I am playing for the first time, except FF6 and Warcraft 3.
I'll finish those games someday...

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 6th April 2004 07:44
In progress: Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy VII, Breath of Fire (SNES).

Incomplete: Final Fantasy IIIj, Secret of Mana (deleted), Super Metroid (deleted), Metroid Fusion (deleted), Megaman Battle Network, Pokemon Red Blue Yellow Gold Crystal TCG, Paperboy 2 (NES), Mega Man 6.

Posted by: Pandabear78 6th April 2004 09:51
Just FF8 right now. I figured I had to get around to this one sooner or later.


Posted by: Elena99 6th April 2004 15:55
Grandia Two
Final Fantasy 7
Harvest Moon: Mineral Town

Though I haven't touched the last one in about a month. I just keep forgetting about it, for some reason.

Posted by: SSJ_Cloud 6th April 2004 16:07
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Warcraft 3
SMA3: Yoshi's Island.

I'm into Warcraft 3 the most of the four right now, though. I have other games that are in progress but the list would take up the rest of the page.

Posted by: Del S 6th April 2004 16:28
FF X-2
Dark Cloud 2
Fire Warrior

Posted by: Mr Thou 6th April 2004 18:05
FF Tactics
Burnout 2
and I restarted FF IX a month ago, but I haven't touched it for about 3 weeks...

Posted by: Sasuke 6th April 2004 18:51
Final Fantasy I
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VI
Tales of Phantasia
Star Ocean
Chrono Trigger

Atm there are Easterholiday's so I have much time to play

Posted by: Enelya 6th April 2004 23:38
Harvest moon Friends of mineral town and also BOF2, maybe i'll go replay FF6 biggrin.gif

Posted by: Dirk Diggler 6th April 2004 23:58
Pro Evolution Soccer 3
Front Mission (Jap Trans)
Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun
Metal Gear Solid 2
Castlevania: Harmony Of Dissonance
Romancing Saga 3

Posted by: ZeiksNegativeRainbow 7th April 2004 00:02
I'm pretty deep into FF6, I've got a file 16 hours deep on the brink of heading to the WoR. Having recently polished off Rogue Squadron III, I'm sorta looking for a supplementary game right now, preferably on an older system.

I also recently beat Castlevania Harmony of 2D CV since Castlevania 4.

Posted by: Dirk Diggler 7th April 2004 00:17
I also recently beat Castlevania Harmony of 2D CV since Castlevania 4

You should try Symphony Of The Night Zeiks, probably the best 2D side scroller ever!

Posted by: l)arkShadow 7th April 2004 01:05
Final Fantasy XI
Chrono Trigger
and replaying FFTA and Lunar Legendd

Posted by: i90east 7th April 2004 01:19
Railroad Tycoon 3
Need For Speed: Underground

Posted by: Pubes 7th April 2004 02:25
rite now

Garfield caught in the act (ths game is hard dog catcher s not a force to reckopnwith)

and dragon wang

Posted by: RacistAgainstChocobos 7th April 2004 02:52
non stop day of defeat

Final Fantasy X, T, IX (beat them just trying to get every single little secret)

Dynasty Warriors 4 and 4XL i started this game over in order to max every character from the first person.

Posted by: Hanyou 7th April 2004 03:21
Chrono Cross
Halo(I don't seem to ever really stop playing it)
Deus Ex

Posted by: Strife543 7th April 2004 07:18
FF6 Expert Version (all thanks to 90 East)
Super Mario RPG
Kingdom Hearts (Sephiroth must be defeated!!!!)
Metal Gear Solid I
Chrono Trigger
FFMQ (Gotta love the classics)
and the game i'm building (Two Hearts, One Soul)

Alot i'm re-playing for a better score, or just for the hell of it. A few i'm going through for te first time, (FFIX for example)

Posted by: ZeiksNegativeRainbow 7th April 2004 17:39
Quote (Dirk Diggler @ 6th April 2004 19:17)
You should try Symphony Of The Night Zeiks, probably the best 2D side scroller ever!

Hey that's a great idea, thanks! That'll be a perfect change of pace from FF6, and I've been meaning to play it for like, 5 years now.

Posted by: Kame 7th April 2004 19:48
Hmmm.. well, I have an awfully large list of things I've started and not completed, but I'll just list the stuff I've been working on recently

FFVI (i90east's expert version 2)
FF Tactics Advance

Posted by: ffpianomaster 7th April 2004 20:41
I just started working on FFIV for the first time... ahh I love that game.

Posted by: Sol 7th April 2004 20:42
Yar! I be wurkin' on:

Dragon Quest 1 & 2 (SNES)
Mechwarrior 4 (PC)
Warcraft 3 (duh)
Grandia 2 (DC)
Unreal Tournament 2004 (PC)
Not a game, but... RPGmaker 2k3
That's all I can think of right now, but hey, this oughta keep me outta trouble for awhile.( Unless some predestined force causes me to wreak bloody murder throughout the world. )

Chao, all!

Posted by: BGrugby 7th April 2004 22:12
Chrono Cross (PSX)
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (PS2)
Crystal Chronicles (GC)
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III (GC)
Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition (GC)

Posted by: Dark Paladin 9th April 2004 05:52
Time Stalkers

Posted by: Sephiroth 10th April 2004 20:53
Kingdom Hearts,FFX,Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell,Morrowind,Timesplitters2, FFIX (although I have to get another copy cus I lost the last disk which I am on)Red Alert 2 and unreal championship.I think that's all...if I think of anymore I'll edit my post.
I am now working on FF IV

Posted by: Wind-Dancer 18th April 2004 15:07
Final Fantasy 6
Final Fantasy X-2
Dot.Hack Outbreak Part 3

Posted by: DisasterChild8 19th April 2004 18:01
Like Kame, my incomplete list is too long.

Games I've been working on recently:
Twisted Metal: Black (Still haven't unlocked minion)

Posted by: Narratorway 19th April 2004 18:10
Call of Duty and just started back on Battlefield 1942. Played Prince o Persia recently, but I got bored with it.

Posted by: Elena99 19th April 2004 19:47
Now I'm on:

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Final Fantasy 7
Harvest Moon: Mineral Town

Posted by: tenshi/akuma 19th April 2004 20:40
Oy, this is going to take awhile:

Diablo II
Final Fantasy VII
Legend of Dragoon
Grandia II
Xenosaga Episode I
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X
Tales of Phantasia
Dual Orb 2
Final Fantasy Tactics
Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest

Damn ADHD.... mad.gif

Posted by: Shotgunnova 20th April 2004 05:22
I'm always playing Final Fantasy Tactics, but on the side I've been trying to pass Resident Evil: Director's Cut in advanced mode. I got poisoned by the snake in the attic and it can't be cured =/

That blows majorly.

Posted by: edge murasame 20th April 2004 17:25
ATM, I'm mainly playing Star Wars Galaxies and .dot hack: quarentine. SWG is a great mmorpg and I have no idea if I will ever stop, seeing that I love the people in my clan and all. I'm trying to finally finish my .dot hack series of games. The ending to this game is supposed to tie it all up, and I've already have seen Bear (a main character for the show) just walking around in a city!!! It wasn't even a scenamatic, just a normal time to talk to an npc like any other character.

It was really neat.

Posted by: NRH TACTICS MASTER 20th April 2004 21:28
just finished vandal hearts 1 and 2. need to finish FFX2 and FFCC. soon to play Shining soul 2 as it comes out tomorrow, hopefully i can get it as I leave work tomorrow morning

Posted by: Zechs 22nd April 2004 02:03
i am currently and am always playing FF6, (i ALWAYS have a game going whether i am accually working on it or not, for i will always get back to it eventually) FF7 (very slow going on my first time around {mainly because it's my brother that owns it and he doesn't live at home anymore}) Chrono Trigger (same as FF6), and illusions of gaia

Posted by: FallingHeart 22nd April 2004 03:05
.Hack// Infection
Final Fantasy IX (Replay)
Wind Waker(Replay)

Yep, I'm mostly replayin'. FF IV and Origins are on their way. (HOORAY FOR MAIL ORDER AND AMAZON!!!)

Posted by: Phunbaba 29th April 2004 04:00
Final fantasy
Seiken Densetsu 3
Secret of Mana (replay)
Actraiser 2
Chrono Trigger
Wind Waker (replay)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocrarina of time (replay)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocrarina of time Master Quest
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past
Arc the lad Twilight of Spirits
Morrowind and the two expansions
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2
Diablo 2
Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance
Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2

But I only play a little bit of each one at a time so It gets really hard to actually get anywhere on one

Posted by: Narratorway 29th April 2004 06:39
I just got an Actraiser Rom recently and I've been playing it constantly. God I remembered it being a good game, but I totally forgot just how flipping awesome it truly is. Unfortunately I hit a lil glitch in the system that won't let me beat it, however I'll find a better Rom soon enough. The only thing bad that can be said about it is that it's too damb short.

Speaking of incredibly good games that aren't nearly long enough, I'm thinking of starting on Ico again. It's odd that I really can only play through it once and I've seen everything, yet it still a great experience the countless times I play it again.

Posted by: Elena1999 29th April 2004 07:40
Wild Arms ps1
Fire Emblem GBA
FFX ps2

I just started Shining Soul as well. I must get going there's a plethroa of games coming out in the next two months.

I didn't like Shining Soul so I am playing Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Posted by: GamblingCat 29th April 2004 19:50
and I am still playing FF Tactics Advance, even now I am starting a 3rd file.

Posted by: Atma 9th May 2004 02:40
Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven
Animal Crossing
Final Fantasy 7
That's about it.

Posted by: William 9th May 2004 02:48
Since my recent discovery of roms, I haven't been able to focus on a single game at one time. Last single game I focused on and beat was Tales of Phantasia, because it was just that good.

Right now, I'm switching back and forth between Wonder Project J, Bahamut Lagoon, Star Ocean, Front Mission, Rudora No Hihou, Final Fantasy 2j, Romancing Saga 3, Shining Force I and II, and Awful Fantasy (A Final Fantasy VI spoof)

I'm mostly playing Bahamut Lagoon out of all of them at the moment. Pretty good game.

Posted by: AflyingWeasel 9th May 2004 08:01
final fantasy tactics, now and forever (unless they come out with a decent sequel)

Posted by: GamblingCat 12th May 2004 19:27
My signature says what they are but I am playing FFX (Capturing Monsters, again!), Starcraft (and Brood War), FFVIII (Started a new game last night), and FFTA (almost done with the game, 299 out of 300 missions, yeah!). thats about it.

Posted by: Shotgunnova 13th May 2004 06:42

Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI

I'm thinking about redoing some FF8 stuff, but I don't really like the game, even though I've beat it ten or more times. It hasn't grown on me yet, so I don't jump for joy at the thought of replaying too badly.

Posted by: bebi vegeta 13th May 2004 13:21
at this moment i am working on fire emblem, which is an awesome game

Posted by: Ramza Beoulve 13th May 2004 15:11
I'm playing Halo at the moment. It's one of the greatest games.

Posted by: Frick 14th May 2004 01:48
I'm playing all through the Suikoden series which I've beaten numerous times..Am I the only one who relizes that Suikodens are awesome? Oh, yeah, I've been playing some FF8 too and Samurai Warriors.

Posted by: Sherick 14th May 2004 02:22

Star Fox Adventures

FF Tactics Advanced

Pokemon Saphire

James Bond Nightfire

Posted by: karasuman 14th May 2004 17:27
I'm actually playing:

Suikoden 2
Silent Hill 3

I'll probably never get around to finishing:

FFX-2 (perfect ending)
Silent Hill 2 (UFO ending)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (replay #4,378,201)
Arc the Lad Collection

Next up:

Suikoden 3

Posted by: Blue-Fire14 18th May 2004 03:14
Im playing WarCraft 3 battle Net

User Name is Blue-Fire14

Posted by: Wind God Gau 18th May 2004 21:35
ff1, 2, and 3, on NES. And Blaster Master, same console smile.gif
Gotta love the classics!

Posted by: Jay Tee 22nd May 2004 12:26
At the moment i'm not playing i'm writing tongue.gif
my play list:

FFVI EV2 (thanks to i90east) (snes)
Chrono trigger (snes)

All My Other Snes room's (since i formated my pc here the other day(din't save the saves biggrin.gif )
Medal of Honor : Allied Assault (PC)
Warcraft III (soon frozen throne) (PC)
NFS : 1 (don't know its name) (PC)
NFS : 4 Road Challenge / High Stakes (PC)
NFS : 5 Porsche 2000 / Porsche Unleashed (PC)
Red Alert 2 (when i get my cd's back from my cousin Yuri's Revenge) (PC)
Mario Kart : Double Dash (i'm really pissed off with this one) (GC)

And ofcourse i'm making games with GameMaker, GamesFactory and MAINLY Rm2k3
American Idol (GBA)
Snake EX2 (Cellphone)

Posted by: Phoenix 22nd May 2004 12:56
Finishing up my first self-completion of Chrono Trigger (beat the game many times, but never before with my own save.)
Also playing FF2 obsessively, regardless of the fact that I've decided it's a horrible, horrible game. Endless Imp sprite pallet-swaps and spells needing to be purchased AND leveled up is not a recipie for success in my mind.

Thinking about taking up FFX/FFX-2, and may possibly buy Vice City or FFXII as summer vacation draws closer. (Assuming I do grab FFXII, I'll be sure to get a review submitted somewhere here. ^-^) Also, there's another Metal Gear sequel scheduled which looks pretty fun, but I don't know when the release date is.

Posted by: Bum's Rush 25th May 2004 05:55
as of now im playing Final Fantasy V, it's pretty good so far, I'm at the part when I go to the tower with the water crystal (forgot what it was called) I don't want to veer off topic but I just want to know if anyone can give me some tips about the game

Posted by: Omega Tubby 25th May 2004 06:00
Ok im playin monopoly........durrr uh no reallyim playin FF7 blast that safe puzzle I hate you so

Posted by: Dingleberry 31st May 2004 22:23
currently hanging out at home thinking of playing SVC Chaos

going to go to the movie theatre to spend 10 bucks playing it today,

and tomorrow,

until it comes out on ps2

Posted by: RacistAgainstChocobos 1st June 2004 02:18
as of like right now i play non stop Dynasty Warriors 4 Xtreme Legends.... i cant think of anythign else since that game takes up all of my time....

Posted by: Atma 1st June 2004 18:18
I moved around a bit. I went from Tenchu, FF7, and Animal Crossing to Zelda: The Windwaker. I was completely ready for something that wasn't a rerun, since I just got Zelda. I'll be here for quite a while cuz I have the version with the two N64 Zeldas.

Posted by: GamblingCat 1st June 2004 21:33
ff8 & Starcraft, FFTA = Boredom. Thats it.

Posted by: Malevolence 1st June 2004 23:15
True Crimes: Streets of LA, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, FFVIII, LOZ: A Link To The Past(GBA)...yea.

Posted by: SaintWeapon 2nd June 2004 16:26
Rudra no Hihou. I'm not kidding when I say this game is up there with FFVI and Chrono Trigger, if not better than them. Folks outside Japan really missed out on this gem.

Posted by: l)arkShadow 2nd June 2004 16:26
I've changed since it's.... SUMMER! yay

Tony Hawk's ProSkater 4(i hate that game sooo much)


PokEman Crystal(again)(I used to play it soo much in 3rd Grade)

sad thing is, The PC messed up, and I have no more CS to play (WAHHHH)

Posted by: Shotgunnova 5th June 2004 20:19
Well, I'm replaying FF8, Wild ARMs 3, and Chrono Cross. I feel bad because I haven't played 'em for a long time, but now that summer's started, I should have lots of free time to indulge.

Posted by: Malevolence 5th June 2004 21:11
i soo want to play Chrono Cross. it's one of my most loved Squaresoft(or Square Enix or whateevr the fuck you wanna call em) games. un fortuantely, everytime i get to Viper Manor, i get into a fight with one of the guards outside, and the game freezes as the battle starts.

Posted by: GamblingCat 7th June 2004 21:50
Yoshi's Island (4 SNES and GBA), FF8, and of course, Starcraft. So addicting.

Posted by: Ejoty 7th June 2004 22:27
Wow, you folks have been playing a heck of a lot these months whereas I have only been doing college work and hanging out since February started (i.e. no games this spring).

I've decided that when I get back to Connecticut tomorrow night I'll start FF2.

Posted by: KingofFigaro 7th June 2004 22:35
I've been playing Chrono Trigger, FF VI New Game + (hack, thanks Master Z), FF VIII and Breath of Fire.

Posted by: Malevolence 7th June 2004 22:51
i've decided to try FFVII again. i'll be able to play up to disk 3 where i'll have to put my bud Chris in a headlock to get my disk 3 back. also, i'm workin on The Mark of Kri which one of the best action/hack and slash games i've ever played.

Posted by: l)arkShadow 12th June 2004 00:25
changed again..


Posted by: Malevolence 12th June 2004 00:32
got a new one, Halo for the PC. i want to play it on the X-Box,b ut i don't have enough for one just yet.

Posted by: GamblingCat 21st June 2004 23:06
I started my 2nd New Game Plus on FFX-2, I finished FFVIII, and I am still addicted to Starcraft. So it is FFX-2 and Starcraft.

Posted by: Aora 22nd June 2004 20:07
Final Fantasy IV, Dynasty Warriors 3 and Golden Sun.

I'm also attempting to pluck up the spirit to replay Tales of Phantasia after my hard drive was wiped some time ago, along with the save file I had right before the final battle with Dhaos. sad.gif

Posted by: kaiser302 22nd June 2004 23:27
halo 2 for sure bahamut lagoon FF5 wid arms FFX-2 finished like nothing i remember back in the day chrono cross i finished it was fun.

Posted by: FabulousFreebird 23rd June 2004 02:51
I'm anxious ta' see what kinda' heat I get for this one, but I currently am playing Phantasy Star II (yes, the original game) until I acquire a brand-spankin'-new Playstation 2 after my old one broke down. Sega Genesis is all I got now, but the first game I will replay once I get a new PS 2 will be FFOrigins and my all-time favorite game, FF Tactics. (Awaiting sarcastic comments..) cool.gif

Posted by: S0u|L3SS|Zariteth 23rd June 2004 02:53
Chrono Trigger: for like the 3rd time
Warcraft III

Posted by: SilverFork 23rd June 2004 04:08
Lately I've been going back and forth between Earthbound and Bahamut Lagoon (both are replays).

Posted by: RacistAgainstChocobos 23rd June 2004 04:40
still trying to max everyone out in dynasty warriors 3&4

Posted by: karasuman 23rd June 2004 14:49
I'm playing different games since last time I posted.

Now, I'm (hopefully) about halfway done with Suikoden III, and maybe a quarter into Earthbound. I forgot how damn annoying the item limits in the latter are.

Posted by: artent 23rd June 2004 19:08
Metal slug 2nd mission and Marvel vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash...both for the Neo-Geo Pocket cool.gif

Posted by: therandyrhoads 24th June 2004 05:01
ive recently decided to give FFX another shot.

i play through the original SMB every day (15 minutes), and every time we get together, me and my drummers little brother end up going through a castlevania game of some sort, usually 1 or 3.

Posted by: MogMaster 24th June 2004 06:05
Right now I'm amidst quite a few. I got Sim City 4 on and off. I play a little SC when I get an inkling to. AOEII:TC, always fun, every day if i can. Umm, Dynast warriors 3! It's hella irritating trying to max everyone out and beat games on hardmode. /me stabs Crossbows.
Final Fantasy 6 EV2, Also irritating beyond reason.

Posted by: 1stclass 24th June 2004 12:34
I've mainly been playing a speed game for FF6. I've also been playing FFTA advance again after I beat it recently. It's not as fun the 2nd time through, but I can't stop picking it up every now and then so I probably will see it through to the end again. Castlevania 1 sounds fun right now, I think I'll go find my copy and play it.

Posted by: doughnut 24th June 2004 13:28
Quote (SaintWeapon @ 2nd June 2004 11:26)
Rudra no Hihou. I'm not kidding when I say this game is up there with FFVI and Chrono Trigger, if not better than them. Folks outside Japan really missed out on this gem.

Rudra no Hihou? That game is has some major problems though. Plot isn't too great, character development sucks, and for instance, I remember one character who joins you just so you can take him somewhere, and once you get there, the game provides no reason at all as to why he stays in your party.

As for me, I am currently playing RO, a great MMORPG. I am actually playing on an illegal pirated server (so its free) but I don't want to post the name here for their safety. I am also playing Dragon Quest 6, trying to complete the bonus dungeon and beat the bonus boss, Dark Dream. That is one hard mother.

Posted by: 1stclass 28th June 2004 18:59
Okay,I just bought Fire Emblem a few of days ago and I'm also hooked on Contra III again. Both good games.

Posted by: Magicite 28th June 2004 19:03
I’ve been replaying Secret of Mana. I have just finished the events of Kakkara and the Ice Country and am on my way to the Empire.

Posted by: GamblingCat 21st July 2004 17:10
Starcraft (and Brood War) and Soul Calibur II, both are super addicting to me. biggrin.gif

Posted by: BGrugby 21st July 2004 17:31
Soul Calibur II (GC, Link rules in it)
MVP Baseball 2004 (PS2)
LoZ: Majora's Mask (GC)

Madden 2005 (PS2, can't frickin wait)

Posted by: BlueOcean 23rd July 2004 20:57
Im currently playing.....
Baldurs Gate II
Final Fantasy X (Replay)
and I'm working on an Online RPG Forums game so if anyone wants to help be free to IM me at mog728! thumbup.gif

Posted by: Kane 24th July 2004 05:11
I'm deep into like my three favorite games of all time........

Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy 6
Shining Force 1

They just don't come any better than that.

Posted by: RacistAgainstChocobos 24th July 2004 19:42
Quote (BlueOcean @ 23rd July 2004 15:57)
Baldurs Gate II

the game pwns....

i am currently playing DDRMAX2 and i just bought max payne for another run at that classic shootem up

Posted by: Fadien 25th July 2004 06:24
Two games I'm actually in the middle of are Dragon Warrior 4 and Lufia 2. I have a few others I want to get around to, but I don't like to have to many games I'm trying to play at once.

Posted by: Cloud_Strife510 25th July 2004 07:16
currently i am playing breath of fire II on the snes, as well as chrono trigger

Posted by: RacistAgainstChocobos 26th July 2004 03:45
havent played cs all summer but i reinstalled it

Posted by: notsolildrumrboy 26th July 2004 12:59
far cry and wolfenstein: enemy territory

Posted by: Malevolence 26th July 2004 16:47
let's see: SSX Tricky, NFSU (X-Box), Halo, Panzer Dragoon Orta,

Posted by: karasuman 26th July 2004 17:24
New games, again:

Final Fantasy VI
Lufia II

Posted by: riceNoOdleZ 26th July 2004 20:09
I'm replaying FFV because I haven't played it in 4 years ... so I forgot how the story went. I'm about to enter the Cleft of Dimension ... =)

Posted by: NRH TACTICS MASTER 27th July 2004 09:53
just about to start my new game Tales of Symphonia

Posted by: io_rage 27th July 2004 17:02
I'm sort of drawing my summer-long Baulder's Gate 2 (computer, not console) craze to an end, and I'm now sort of caught between Soul Calibur 2, NCAA basketball 2k3, and Halo (honing my skills for november 9th, baby). I'm trying to get into Morrowind, but I'm having a hard time pulling myself away from everything else.

Posted by: GamblingCat 29th July 2004 16:49
Starcraft: Brood War, FFT, and Possibly Chrono Trigger, they are all fun and addicting. But that is it.

Posted by: Ultros: Octopus Royalty 11th August 2004 05:02
Final Fantasy 3/6, (sort of) Harvest Moon, and Tales of Symphonia... Which I consider one of the few great RPGS for the GC.

Posted by: MogMaster 11th August 2004 05:40
Surprisingly new games- SD3. PTO. Yoshi Island

Posted by: SaintWeapon 11th August 2004 07:26
Morrowind (replay)
Super Robot Wars 3 (replay)
Advance Wars 2
Vagrant Story (replay)

I'm pretty stagnant now as far as games go, since I work now and haven't gotten a new game. Then again, Morrowind and Super Robot Wars 3 have many different ways of playing them.

Posted by: Hamedo 11th August 2004 12:23
FFT again... this time with the all-Samurai team.

Madden 2005, as of tomorrow. I have a friend that will be traveling with me to Atlanta on Sept. 15th to compete in the Madden Challenge. If we win, they fly us to Vegas to compete for the championship. Wish us luck!

Oh, also going through BGDAII on the PS2 again, though it's really not that fun the fifth time through.... no replay value.

Posted by: Shotgunnova 12th August 2004 06:29
At the moment:

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Star Ocean: 2nd Story
Legend of Dragoon [Sort of]

For some reason, I'm really wishing I had San Francisco Rush for N64. Must be the time of the season.

Posted by: Malevolence 13th August 2004 00:22
new games.

Shinobi (omg! this game is raping me)
Kingdom Hearts (still haven't done everything)
Metroid Prime (ADDICTIVE!)

Posted by: ramza_beoulve 25th August 2004 23:27

FF 1 (Origins, PS1)
FF 4 (PS1)
Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption (PC)
Counter Stike: Condition Zero (PC)

...thats all i can think of.

Posted by: mcclanahan 25th August 2004 23:46
ff4&5&6 snes emu
and earthbound snes emu

Posted by: Caesar 25th August 2004 23:48
1. FFT (PS1)

2. Gladius (G/C) - I've got to say, this is the perfect game for a Roman/Greek culture addict. If you haven't guessed by looking at my name and my comments about Latin here or there, I fall under that category. Start a gladiatorial school, train gladiators, and fight...doesn't get much better. happy.gif

Posted by: Sephiroth 26th August 2004 00:57
I'm currently working on Ninja Gaiden... it's good and pretty hard but the programmers show lazy button coding. The X button does just about everything so it's real easy to walk through a door in the middle of a fight without meaning to and then you have to go back into the area you were currently at and start the fight all over again... other than that it's a pretty good game (I rate it 8/10). And I'm kinda doing bits and pieces of The Legacy of Kain: Defiance, but not much at a time.

Posted by: Mu the Squirrel 28th August 2004 16:30
Counting what I've played in the last 2 months...

Terranigma (SNES ROM)
Tales of Phantasia (SNES ROM)
Final Fantasy TA (GBA ROM)
Super Mario RPG (SNES)
Final Fantasy 5 (PS1)
Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2)
Summoner 2 (PS2)
Disgaea (PS2)

Hmmm.. I need a few more none-RPG games mya. ^^`

Disgaea stole me for the last month, I'm trying to reach level 2000 to get the first secret character...

Terranigma and Super Mario RPG I still have to complete, and the others I'm just on my usual "Must beat all enemies and own all possible items" quest. X-2s big bad enemies make me groan after the awesome-ness of the Dark Aeons and Penance in X...

Posted by: CT_Magus 15th September 2004 18:34
FF Chronicles (Chrono Trigger / FF 4)
FF Anthology (FF5 / FF6)
Lineage 2
Warcraft 3

Edit: Oh how i want to play BoF3 again

Posted by: Mimic 15th September 2004 18:36
Final Fantasy V (SCCs)
Final Fantasy VI. I don't know... VI is quickly creeping up on my FFometer. It was never my favourite, but now, it's about 2nd or 3rd. After V. And possibly III.

Posted by: eternalsphere 15th September 2004 18:42
Right now, I'm playing:

Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Wille Zur Macht
Final Fantasy Tactics (Replaying)
Age of Mythology The Titans (Online)

Posted by: Endless Knight 15th September 2004 19:23
I finally got a new power supply for my 486 and so I am playing...,2/gameId,281/

Posted by: GamblingCat 18th September 2004 20:40
FFT and FFTA, and Starcraft Brood War is about it for what I am playing at the moment.

Posted by: Kell 18th September 2004 20:44
Disgaea Hour of Darkness (replaying)
Final fantasy 6 (replaying)
Dual hearts (first time)
Fire emblem (first time)
Wild arms 3 (on and off)
Armies of Exigo demo >.>
Tales of Destiny (on and off)

Posted by: l)arkShadow 29th September 2004 01:15
Playing some GammeCube games..
Tales of Symphonia(GC), and

Posted by: MathNo.2 29th September 2004 02:27
Currently, I'm playing FFV, FFT, and FIFA 2004. All three are great games.

Oh, yeah, and FFIII (NES). happy.gif

Posted by: Endless Knight 29th September 2004 02:39
I am about to kill Zerumus in FF4 but I've decided to let him live for tonight, as I want to get some sleep.

Tomorrow or the day after that, I will probably finish the current game of FF5 that I had going, and then perhaps get around to finishing FFX for the first time. (I'm at Omega.)

Posted by: eternalsphere 29th September 2004 03:11
Just finished Xenosaga Episode 1 and Tactics since my last post.

Now, I'm playing Star Ocean Till The End of Time, and so far I am really liking it thumbup.gif.

Posted by: Aholibamah 29th September 2004 15:47
I'm currently working on:
FFT when the kids are asleep
FFTA on breaks at work
FFCC on weekends with my fiends (yes, it's spelled right)
FF4 when I need a mind numbing experience because all I do is level kain in the valley of mist
Pikmin with my boy

Posted by: Shotgunnova 3rd October 2004 05:21
Star Ocean: Second Story

Posted by: GamblingCat 3rd October 2004 20:01
FF Tactics (At Yuguo Woods Right now!), Starcraft: Brood War (Dang it is still addicting!), and Pokemon FireRed which I got the other day and have been super-addicted to becuase it is so fun!

Posted by: whocares 4th October 2004 05:29
NexusTK - an online rpg, graphics suck but it has a good community and the pk is excellent and much more fast paced then other mmorpg games. I recommend you give it a try. (download at
Ninja Gaiden - some people hate it, some people love it, its worth a try if you like action games, takes a little getting used to though.
Fable - I'm finish with almost everything there is to do in that game and dissapointed that everything took me less then 8 hours.
Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - a good rts game, very time consuming though.
Counterstrike - It's fun to kill people then watch them flip out because they died.
Halo - truely a great multiplayer game. There are some good multiplayer party games, such as ass, a 16 player free for all game where everyone has 50% health and you can only punch, best in a smaller level.

Posted by: SaintWeapon 4th October 2004 05:55
Armored Core Nexus
Front Mission 3
Advance Wars

Might get back to in near future
Front Mission 4
Timesplitters 2

Posted by: Mimic 4th October 2004 18:36
As always, I'm playing FFV, but I'm primarily busy with Final Fantasy XI Online, which is brilliant, and am playing through Vagrant Story once more, probably my favourite non-FF game on the Ps1. It even excels FF in some areas - I consider some tracks, many graphical sections and certain aspects of the storyline to be far better than any Ps1 FF.

Posted by: SaintWeapon 5th October 2004 02:23
Vagrant Story was ahead of its time in graphics. There's so much detail in every room in that game which unfortunately succumbs to pixelated badness when up close. If VS had a retrofit, the game would be absolutely gorgeous.

Posted by: Kell 6th October 2004 23:34
Since the last post I've beaten Disgaea twice and still playing it..
I'd be playing FFT except I lost it or somone stole it 0.o

I am currently playing Star Ocean Till the End of Time (Friggin MP death... damn lava caves....)
Disgaea (still)
Brave Fencer musashi (again)
Guilty Gear X (found a GG game for the first time)
Star wars battlefront (easy to beat but I'm not bored of it yet)

Some others in there on and off like FF4, 5 and 6

Posted by: Endless Knight 13th October 2004 20:05
Unreal Tournament - (Original)

Lots of capture the flag, and assault. It's good to be back. smile.gif

Posted by: Enrique 13th October 2004 21:03
I am currently playing:
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Ragnarok Online
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Kingdom Hearts

Posted by: Cloud_Strife510 14th October 2004 03:27
currently i am playing chrono trigger, and final fantasy tactics
two of my favorite games

Posted by: GamblingCat 17th October 2004 00:18
Geez I have too much spare time:
Pokemon Ruby
Pokemon FireRed (Sorry with all of the pokemon)
Starcraft: Brood War
Star Wars Battlefront (Rented it but heck it is very addicting!)
and occasionally: FF Tactics (It is a hard Game.)

Posted by: Malevolence 17th October 2004 02:22
no prob, i still like the pokemon games...well, the handhelds at least.

as for me:
FF Tactics
Morrowind(still haven't beatin it, but i finally got my vamp wish)
Fable(bein good this time)
Pokemon Sapphire
Delta Force: Task Force Dagger(my first real pc game)

Posted by: Magus19 17th October 2004 02:51
Chrono Trigger

Posted by: l)arkShadow 17th October 2004 02:55
Tales of Symphonia
X-men Legends

Posted by: LockewithCeles 17th October 2004 22:43
The games I still need to beat are:

Super Ninja Boy
Dragon Quest V Jap




Posted by: MarquisElmdor 18th October 2004 21:35
I'm currently focussing my gaming time on Rome: Total War. It's amazing. It's so satisfying when the entire enemy army runs away and I send my cavalry to hunt them down shifty.gif .

Posted by: Kilakandra_DiMenia 18th October 2004 23:37
Let me see... just Final Fantasy Tactics and thats it. Soon to become FFI and FFVII. Used to be the GBA Harry Potter(until I broke the cartridge... stupid me. mad.gif )

Posted by: Mu the Squirrel 19th October 2004 01:10
Now I'm playing~

Final Fantasy 6
Evil Twin

Soon I will be playing~
Star Ocean - Till the End of Time (In about a week)
Godzilla: Save the Earth (In November)
Silent Hill 4: The Room (Christmas)

Posted by: Cloud_Strife510 20th October 2004 02:32
right now im finishing up tactics
and starting breath of fire 2,
as well as Secret of mana 2(Seiken densetsu iii)

Posted by: SilverFork 20th October 2004 03:19
This time I'm replaying through A Link to the Past and Metal Gear Solid. I also recently replayed Adventures of Lolo for the first time in over ten years. Best NES puzzle game ever!

Posted by: GamblingCat 31st October 2004 02:28
Here is the new list:
Warcraft III: Rein Of Chaos.
Starcraft: Brood War
Pokemon Ruby and FireRed
FF Tactics (I am at the gate of Riovanes Castle)
MegaMan Battle Network 4 Blue Moon (GBA Emulator, it is quite a fun Game).

That is about it.

Posted by: sharkerbob 31st October 2004 02:51
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Wild ARMs

Posted by: Elessar 31st October 2004 04:07
Working through 4d mode of Star Ocean 3.
Just beat Gradius V
Working through Nocturne...

Posted by: i90east 31st October 2004 19:47
Currently playing:
Descent 3 (LAN multiplayer only)
Halo (LAN multiplayer only)
Midnight Club 2 (multiplayer only)

Currently waiting for:
Need For Speed: Underground 2 (Mid-November)
Gran Turismo 4 (Late November or Early December)

Posted by: Twilight Paladin 3rd November 2004 03:29
I just beat FF4....

I'm now playing:

Star Ocean: TTEOT
Viewtiful Joe

Posted by: Lockes AlterEgo 3rd November 2004 13:24
Unlitmited saga
Dot Hack Mutation
Starwars jedi battle powers
kingdom hearts
pokemon leaf green.

Posted by: Wings_of_Metatron 7th November 2004 23:04
I got my hands on Saga Frontier 2 recently. Should be fun, I missed out on the original due to far too many other titles being available at the same time, but I heard the sequel is much better anyway. But first, I must get that 10 star rating on Silent hill 3. cool.gif Got 9 and something on my last go, but I'm feeling lucky this time round. I saved just outside the hospital for the first time, and I should be able to tackle this and the amusement park without saving either. ph34r.gif

Posted by: SaintWeapon 8th November 2004 10:13
GTA: San Andreas
Saga Frontier 1 & 2
Front Mission 3

Posted by: Kane 8th November 2004 18:40
FFX-and ticked off about it, my brother deleted my file *kills sibling*
FFT-I'm always playing Tactics
FF6-I love this game
Smackdown vs. Raw-Pretty good game
Super Mario 3-Got my friends SNES, decided to pick it up and play

Posted by: l)arkShadow 8th November 2004 22:38
MK:Deception : This game is pretty cool.
World of Warcraft BETA: WoW, this game is awesome, good fighting system, good quest system, and its fun.
Pokemon Crystal: Again.
Starcraft : I found the starcraft CD!!!!!! Now to find the brood wars one..

Posted by: Gears 9th November 2004 16:42
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Brilliant game, will keep me occupied for months.
Star Ocean. But not until I have a good chunk of time to sit down with it.
Fire Emblem. If the PS2 is already in use.

Posted by: GamblingCat 10th November 2004 02:10
Here is what I am playing now, nothing really new though:
FF Tactics
Warcraft III
Pokemon FireRed and Ruby versions.

and I am think about renting Star Ocean this weekend and they had no copies, darn, i guess I will have to wait a little while.

Posted by: MathNo.2 10th November 2004 03:14
Halo 2.

Only game on my list at the moment. Loving every minute of it, too. happy.gif

Posted by: Blue-Fire14 11th November 2004 05:11
1)MegaMan X command Mission
2)Star Wars Battle Front
3)MegaMan Zero 3
4)MegaMan Anniversary Collection.

Posted by: LeviBryant 11th November 2004 19:41
Madden 2K5
Normally, I'm playing more, but I just bought a huge amount of DVDs and I'm kind of busy trying to watch them as much as possible. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Green Magi 29th November 2004 23:06
I'm playing:

Tales of Sympthonia: Great game, graphics, and plot
FF4: I have to play this game, I can't help it.
FF6: See reason above

And tommorow I'll be playing

Final Fantasy 1&2 Dawn of New Souls

Posted by: LockewithCeles 29th November 2004 23:15
Final Fantasy VI SNES- Trying to do a no Esper Game. And I'm training Locke and Celes to LV 30.

Final fantasy VI PSX- Beating the game second time.

Final Fantasy IV PSX- Trying to kill the four fiends at the Giant of Babil's body.

Final Fantasy V PSX- I beat the game but I'm beginning a new record.

Final Fantasy VII PSX- Doing a second No-Materia game and an initial equip game (Same materia aswell for the characters).

Final Fantasy VIII PSX- Trying to beat a LV 30 game.

Final Fantasy Tactics PSX- Trying to beat the game for the third time.

Chrono Trigger PSX

Final Fantasy 1 PSX- Trying to beat for 2nd time.

Final Fantasy 2 PSX- Trying to beat it for 2nd time.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest SNES- Trying to beat the Wintry Cave or whatever cave it was (Near an ice-city).

Super Ninja Boy SNES- Just training around the world.

As I checked back on the games I've been playing, I was like "Whoah!"

Posted by: Djibriel 30th November 2004 15:35
The entire male part of my fellow flat-mates is addicted to Mario Kart for the N64. It doesn't stop some of us, including me, to greatly suck at it. Nevertheless, blasting your friends with banana's hardly ever grows boring wub.gif

Posted by: sleipnir 30th November 2004 16:13
Chocobo Dice Game for GBA

Laugh if you want, but that kiddie image is incredibly deceptive. The game is pretty difficult and requires more strategies than you can shake a stick at. You could easily get over 90 hrs of gameplay just trying to unlock everything.

Posted by: GamblingCat 30th November 2004 17:35
Here is the update:

FF Tactics (Started Deep dungeon, so hard and confewsing)
Pokemon Ruby (Almost 100% complete)
Starcraft: Brood War (Still Addicting)
Final Fnatasy I and II (Well, tonight at least, but I am adding it in because i may not be on tonight.)

That is it for now.

Posted by: Alfredo 30th November 2004 19:22
FFTA - Just won the game so know I'm working on the so called "special" missions.

Next game will be

Final Fantasy Origins or Zelda the Minish cap. Anyone played the Minish cap, is it good?

Posted by: baralai888 30th November 2004 20:50
final fantasy VI PSX
final fantasy IV PSX
megaman x5

Posted by: Mandy 30th November 2004 23:35
Currently, I have my hands on:

Pop'n Music Best Hits!
Disgaea : Hour of Darkness.

Posted by: Zephir 30th November 2004 23:37
I'm only playing Deus Ex right now 'cause its one of the only things that can hold my attention for a long time... it's been a comfort in an otherwise bad week for me... sad.gif

Posted by: SilverFork 1st December 2004 15:57
- GTA: San Andreas. Yes, I broke down and bought it even though I said I wouldn't. How's that for self-control?

- Super Mario 64 DS. I'm actually playing/addicted to the mini-games more than anything.

And replaying:

- Harvest Moon (SNES). What? That series is so underrated...

Posted by: GamblingCat 13th December 2004 17:44
New Uptade:

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando
FFI and II: Dawn of Souls
Starcraft: Brood War

That is it for now.

Posted by: Arbiter 13th December 2004 19:43
Been playing Halo 2 for weeks mode is extremely addictive. I'm gonna have to lay it down soon though...I'm getting Snake Eater for X-Mas. I've missed Snake, nobody else makes the mullet look so cool.

Posted by: Perigryn 14th December 2004 06:28
Final Fantasy Tactics again
Havest Moon: Back to Nature (Almost done bloody year three... lol Left myself so little to do but manage the farm lol)
Final Fantasy VII, again
Final Fantasy IV, stuck at the moment, will get to it again
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy (confused as to where to go...)
Chrono Trigger at random. Simply collecting endings on the PS ^^
There was Final Fantasy VIII, but I got stuck at Adel, with the whole "Ive got Rinoa grafted into me, ha ha!" thing. Wasn't powerful enough to get through it and yeah. I'm just going to restart and actually upgrade weapons and such lol.

Posted by: l)arkShadow 16th December 2004 00:52
World of Warcraft: I know, I may have lied about not playing it.. but it's fun.....
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories: Hey, I may not have liked the original one but this one is pretty fun.
FF: Dawn of Souls: Too many games to play! Head hurts!
Super Mario 64 DS: It's fun the first 80 stars, then other games come out and the last 70 stars you'll never get.
Starcraft: NOT Broodwar: Don't play it as much since I have WoW now wub.gif

Posted by: saileboat 19th December 2004 06:47
I'm playing old school.

Final Fantasy Tactics (PS)-You think i'm letting go of this game *Drop CD* %$@#.

WWE SmackDown! Shut your Mouth (PS2)-Stupid name.Great Gameplay.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (PS2)-Man,this game is addictive.Well,not really since i'm barely starting.

Unreal Tournament (PS2)-The only thing I need is a Multi-Tap to keep me addicted to this for months.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Sega Genesis)-Great Gameplay.Awesome music(especially Mad Hatter boss song).

Digimon Rumble Arena & Digimon World 3 (PS)-Laugh at me.Pity me.I don't care,but multiple Digivolutions(DG3) Rock!It's also RPG(Take that Pokemon).

Posted by: MacBest 19th December 2004 13:41
currently i play ffV only and will continue with ffVI(third time), ffVII(second time) ffVIII(first time) and ffIX(first time) as well as ff origins for the ps.

ffIV(several times easy and hard type, was my first ff at all)
Saga(ff legend on gameboy) 1 + 2
ff spinoffs: secret of mana and mystic quest

i did take a pause for almost 10 years regarding ff....and heck, it turned out i missed a lot remakes and new ff games =)

Posted by: MarquisElmdor 19th December 2004 23:02
Half-Life 2 - One of the best FPS's out there, IMO. The Physics engine allows for hours of fun happy.gif

Counter-Strike: Source - Came with HL2, another great FPS, provides a challenge to even people who think they're the almighty at FPS, since there's a good chance you'll be facing other people who think they're the almighty of FPS.

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth - One of the most addictive Real-Time Strategy games ever. The music is great, the graphics are pretty good, and lots of the units available are straight from the movies (like the Uruk Berserker and the Rohirrim Cavalry, not to mention the Nazgul on Fellbeasts)

Rome: Total War - Still playing it, still loving it.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Ditto

Many more, don't feel like listing them all right now happy.gif

Posted by: laszlow 20th December 2004 00:42
Dawn of Souls, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and Chrono Trigger (Chronicles).

I usually handle one handheld game and two PS1/2 games at once, usually mixing in at least one vintage title. When I get bored, I switch around.

Posted by: imperialstooge 20th December 2004 07:03
Just finished FF6 (for the god-knows-how-many-th time), and usually keep FFIV and FF Legend 2 (gameboy) warm, depending on whichever I haven't played in a while. I just (uh, yeah....) bought FF Tactics, so I guess that'll be keeping me busy when it gets here...

Posted by: GamblingCat 25th December 2004 21:05
Bit of an Uptade:

Mario kart: Double Dash!! (Got a Gamecube today, but I got to get a memory card).
Final Fantasy I and II: Dawn of Souls (beat 3 of the 16 SoC bosses 4 FFI and started SoR for FFII.)
I also got Warcraft Frozen throne but havent installed it yet.
That is it for know, i may buy either Star Ocean for PS2 or Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories tomorrow as well.

but that is it for now.

Posted by: Kane 25th December 2004 22:19
Christmas Present=Bubble Bobble

Now Playing=Bubble Bobble

I don't know if any of you have played this game, but it is @#$^in' addictive. Get another person who knows the nuances of the game and if you guys have a good game you're so happy and if you guys are doing poorly some #$%! gonna fly!

Either way, good stuff.

Posted by: eternalsphere 25th December 2004 23:02
Here's an update:

Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Rise of Nations

Posted by: Malevolence 26th December 2004 01:07
as of today, Halo 2, GTA: SA, and Def Jam: Fight For NY.

Posted by: Enrique 19th January 2005 15:51
Shadow Hearts-PS2 : Just started the game

Final Fantasy Tactics-PS1 : I started it again

Star Wars Battlefront-PS2 : Great for playing with my sister

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance-GBA : I want Cid on my party...I still need to finish 150 missions....

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 19th January 2005 16:50
Breath of Fire, Megaman Battle Network, Mega Man Xtreme 2 (this sucks), various low-quality low-effort hacks of NES Mega Man games, Mega Man: the Power Fighter (arcade, via emulator)

I've just completed Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, Mega Man Xtreme 1 (which also sucks), as well as a Metroid fangame called Metroid Redemption. (Not to say that I haven't beaten other games--among the 'not recently' are Zelda 3: a Link to the Past, Super Mario 64, and the rest of the Mega Man Game Boy games.)

I've currently tabled (put aside) the Pokemon games as well as FFTA, FFMQ (I can't quite remember how to climb the walls in the ice cave!), Tales of Phantasia (which is turning out to be not my kind of RPG), the New Zealand Story (an old game for Sega), and Sailor Moon RPG: Another Story (this sucks: going from one scene to the next, enemies go from doing 5 damage to doing 40 damage to your 80-maxHP character).

Posted by: Elena1999 20th January 2005 03:45
I am currently playing Suikoden IV.

Posted by: saileboat 22nd January 2005 06:34

Super Smash Bros. Melee(GCN)-Got all the characters,now I need trophies!

Final Fantasy Tactics(PS1)-Yup,still playing it.

Final Fantasy Mistic Quest(SNES)-Just started this game.

Metroid Prime(GCN)-Just need those artifacts...

Castlevania:Lament of innocence(PS2)-Castlevania rocks!(although I still like 2D)

Posted by: laszlow 24th January 2005 02:45

Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Mega Man X8

Star Ocean: The Second Story

This is plus a ton of multiplayer Advance Wars 2 and Soul Calibur 2 on the side

Posted by: RoyalKnight 24th January 2005 02:49
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
Command & Conquer Generals
Anubis: Zone of the Enders 2
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Yeah, they're all kinda' old except for MGS3, but I can't find WoW in stores at the moment.

Posted by: FabulousFreebird 30th January 2005 02:14
FF1 and FFII as per FFOrigins (FF1 and FFII first playthrough EVER)
FFVII 2nd playthrough (I've missed out on a lot the first time around)
Diablo II

As is obvious, I am a HUGE RPG fanatic. FFVIII and FFIX I am playing again because it has been SO LONG since my last playthroughs, so why not give it another shot, eh? I can't get enough of Diablo II and FFT, I'll be replaying these two games (moreso FFT) until my fingers fall off! tongue.gif

Posted by: l)arkShadow 2nd February 2005 23:21
Aye, been a while since I've been to CoN, and I guess I'm playing a few more different games...

World of Warcraft
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Final Fantasy II
That's it... maybe I'm playing some other games, but I can't remember...

Posted by: SilverFork 3rd February 2005 15:25
Only one at the moment:

Katamari Damacy - Finally found a copy of the game. Oh, those crazy folks at Namco. I've barely been able to tear away from it.

The King of All Cosmos is one of the best characters EVER!!!

Posted by: Blizzard_Wizard8 6th February 2005 00:49
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Starcraft: Brood War

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

Simpsons: Hit & Run biggrin.gif

Posted by: Shotgunnova 6th February 2005 07:19
Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX)

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (PS2) (Finally got a Hyperdrive...whew!)

Simpsons: Hit & Run biggrin.gif

I hope that's more fun than Simpsons Road Rage. I got that game for Christmas two years ago and I just played it for the third time last week just to reassure myself it was horrible. =p

Posted by: MogMaster 6th February 2005 07:26
Is Your mom a game?- OOOOOOH.

I picked up FFT again, and with the yell and acumulate method I beat the hell out of Velius, which had been the furthest point I managed to get to at the time. 999 damage one hit KO felt so good. I like where the rest of the game is going, AKA the end. So yeah. Maybe I'll get a chance to read the fan fics now since it won't ruin me.

Other than that I guess I sort of started on DoS and I'm playing the usual RTS's: Broodwar and AOEII:TC.
Since my last post I beat FFIIIj. I think since then. I know I beat it, not sure when my last post was. Its beaten. Good enough for me.

Posted by: GamblingCat 6th February 2005 23:46
New update:
X-Men legends (Just beat U.S.S. Arbiter)
Final Fantasy I& II dawn of Souls ( Just doing extra stuff on FFI)
Tales of Symphonia (About to start Shadow Temaple)

Posted by: Mikey 7th February 2005 01:15
Awful fantasy and Battlezone 2.

Posted by: Fuu 9th February 2005 01:11
mario!!!!!!!!!! laugh.gif my friend gave me a site to play mario games heheh I love mario

Posted by: SaintWeapon 10th February 2005 08:10
Shin Megami Tensei - almost done Neutral
Shin Megami Tensei II - just began

Posted by: Blizzard_Wizard8 13th February 2005 04:28
What console is that for?

Posted by: Blizzard_Wizard8 13th February 2005 04:29
Oh, and Hit & Run is a somewhat dumbed down version of GTA.

Posted by: eternalsphere 13th February 2005 05:37
Call of Duty: Finest Hour. I'm up to Regensburg.
SOCOM II: US Navy Seals. I'm up to Brazil.

Posted by: laszlow 13th February 2005 06:58
Gah. Finally beat Minish Cap. There's something like fifty heart pieces in that game, and I'll be surprised if I've found more than 30, so there is still quite a lot of searching to do, but that's for a later date.

For now, an update:

Mega Man X8 (still)

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (XBox)

Kingdom Hearts (Expert Mode)

Plus lots of Dead or Alive: Ultimate and Soul Calibur II for multiplayer

Posted by: Zeil 15th February 2005 17:49
unlike ffpianomaster I like to play like mabye 4 games at a time, but anyways i'm workin on:

Blood Omen 2
Diablo 2 (I just play in my spare time)
Final Fantasy X
Devil May Cry

Posted by: Zephir 19th February 2005 21:23
Madden 2004. They should label the franchise mode as being addictive as crack. wacko.gif

Posted by: Malevolence 19th February 2005 23:29
Def Jam: Fight For NY. if only to be able to kick Lil Flip and Flava Flavs' asses.

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 20th February 2005 19:21
Just beaten: Donkey Kong Country 1-3.

Currently Playing: Castlevania Circle of the Moon and Harmony of Dissonance. My first forays into the world of Castlevania. They seem to play quite like Metroid (and I've heard that that was intentional). But the music and play control aren't as good.

Posted by: laszlow 20th February 2005 20:57
Don't let the music in Harmony speak to you; that music is the worst in an a series that is otherwise excellent musically.

If you really want to be enchanted with Castlevania, you have to play Symphony of the Night for PS1. That is hands down my favorite Playstation game, even better than Tactics.

Posted by: SilverFork 21st February 2005 03:31
Been playing Resident Evil 4 on and off since most my playing time's been dedicated to StarFox: Assault. It's pitifully short even compared to the original and SF64, but just as addictive. Gotta few more areas to get gold on...

Posted by: GamblingCat 21st February 2005 15:14
New Uptdate:
Super Smash Bros. Melee (Just Unlocked: Ganondorf, Luigi, Young Link, Dr. Mario. I went and Got Marth and Roy first, just to play as Roy. Also forgot Jigglypuff.)

Tales of Symphonia (Near where you fight the Final boss, but I am going to do all of the sub quests and get some of the "other costumes like Colette's Maid and Regal's Chef Costume)

X-Men Legends ( I finished the 3rd Morlock mission and got Psylocke.)

I do occasionly play some Pokemon Ruby. But that is my list for now. I just want to go out and rent StarFox Assault. I played the first level at the store and just wnat to buy it, too bad I only have 10$ at the moment.

Posted by: Elena99 21st February 2005 16:30
Star Ocean Three: Till the End of Time
Katamari Damacy
FFX-2 (again)

Posted by: EdgarRFigaro 21st February 2005 19:11
I'm actually working on 3 games:

Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Jak 3

DragonBall Z: Budokai 3

And that's about it.....

I'm trying to save my money for either a PSP or a Nintendo DS.

Posted by: da12ken 22nd February 2005 08:19
FFIV (Finished Mt. Ordeals... back to the Serpent Trench!)

Posted by: Shinjutsei 23rd February 2005 02:26
Quote (SilverFork @ 20th February 2005 22:31)
Been playing Resident Evil 4 on and off since most my playing time's been dedicated to StarFox: Assault. It's pitifully short even compared to the original and SF64, but just as addictive. Gotta few more areas to get gold on...

Obviously we are up to the same thing.

Recently beaten:

Resident Evil 4 (about 6 times, seriously, back-to-back)
Tales of Symphonia (the 3rd time)
Super Mario 64 DS

Currently playing:

Star Fox: Assault
FFT (for the thousandth time)
Baten Kaitos
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Posted by: Mu the Squirrel 23rd February 2005 03:37
My updatted list would be Phantom Brave. I've beaten it, but have a crap-loada' opt missions left.

Posted by: SaintWeapon 23rd February 2005 03:43
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne (US)

I love this game, I love this game, you couldn't believe I love it so much.

Posted by: Brad 24th February 2005 00:37
One of these days I'll start FFVII... I haven't played it since I was like 12 or 13, so I don't think I really got it all. I know I didn't understand at least some of it. I haven't beaten 8 or 9 completely yet either, though I can't find neither one of them. I'll have to borrow them...

I know, it's pathetic, but I'm much more into the SNES ones...

And I might buy Vagrant Story. Is that game any good? I care more about the story than anything else.

Posted by: Shinjutsei 24th February 2005 04:06
Yes, buy it. The battling is good, but the story rocks too. I heard a sequel is due out...

Posted by: laszlow 3rd March 2005 00:47
Devil May Cry 3 (birthday present) - This is already one of the best action games I have ever played, but it's somewhat ridiculously difficult.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - I nearly finished this Xmas present about a month ago and then took a break; now to finish the job.

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow: All of the CastleMet discussions on this site prompted me to do a New Game+ of this baby. Turns out there's more weapons to be found in that mode.

Posted by: Strife543 3rd March 2005 19:12
Lemme think...

Tales of Phantasia: (Snes/Rom) This'll be my 12th attempt, I always lose interest after playing for so long.

Smash Bros Melee: (GC) Have chars, I need the last 9 trophies!

Kirby's Adventure/Dreamland: (Nes/Rom) I never got to play this before, so now I am.

Chaos Legion: (PS2) I got like 4 levels left.

That's all right now.

Posted by: Shinjutsei 3rd March 2005 22:17
Quote (Strife543 @ 3rd March 2005 14:12)
Smash Bros Melee: (GC) Have chars, I need the last 9 trophies!

Ha! Only EIGHT!
Got Crazy Hand yet?
(is there anything harder on the planet?)

Oh, and Laszlow, don't forgot Death's Sickle! FREAKIN BADASS!
Heh heh...

Posted by: Kablizzy 3rd March 2005 23:58
At the moment, I'm only playing online sims, and N: way of the Ninja. I picked up Civ III and Warcraft III recently, but I haven't been playing those much.

Posted by: laszlow 4th March 2005 02:04
Quote (Shinjutsei @ 3rd March 2005 17:17)
Oh, and Laszlow, don't forgot Death's Sickle! FREAKIN BADASS!

Sweet. I only just started it, and DMC 3 is taking an inordinate amount of time, so the only cool new weapon I've gotten so far is the Kaiser Knuckle.

But seriously, if you like action games, you need to play DMC 3. It's only for the hardcore, but it outdoes the original in every way imaginable and is slowly becoming one of my favorite all-time games.

Posted by: Strife543 4th March 2005 02:51
Got Crazy Hand yet?
(is there anything harder on the planet?)

Hah, no, not yet.
Last trophy I got was Giga-Bowser's.
I'm not sure all of what I'm missing, but I know for sure I dont have
- Food (Need 1000 vs. matches)
- Crazy Hand (Notta damn clue how to get sleep.gif)
- Pikimin Guy (Have a file of Pikimin 1 on memory card)
- Celebi (See Celebi in Pokeball)

There's others, but I don't what.

Oh, also I've started playing Zombies ate my Neibors again ^-^
(Had to stay somewhat on topic, lol)

Posted by: Shinjutsei 4th March 2005 04:01
Yeah, same here. I got Giga Bowser's last (though it was like 4 months ago).

-Celebi is VERY easy to get. Just go into a Melee fight with PokeBalls on common and go to town.

-Pikmin is annoying to get...kuckily my friend has the game...

-Food doesnt take long...

-Crazy Hand is impossible...

Good luck!

Oh, Laszlow, is DMC3 as hard as they say?
It's supposedly the hardest game in a while...
And its not DMC2, right?

One more thing:
Is the song from the original trailer in the game?
*crosses fingers*

Oh.....and.....uhh....I've been playing FFV and FFVI.

Posted by: laszlow 4th March 2005 15:47
DMC 3 is a LOT like the original DMC but awesomer. Instead of having all of the devil arms be the same weapon with different power and speed levels (ala DMC 2), all of the devil arms are freakin' badass, from the triple-pronged nunchaku to the electric guitar that summons lightning. It also has a pretty solid plot for an action title, with some of the most impressive cutscenes I've ever seen. Add the purposefully overdone 90s "badass partydude" style Dante and you have my favorite action game since Symphony of the Night.

Audio and visuals are great, basically in the tradition of DMC 1 with lots of creepy organ and chorus mixed with metal and techno, better than the original but not an epic musical score. The graphics are amazing, and I've yet to see any slowdown despite the number of deadly-dangerous enemies that Capcom decides to surround me with. The two trailers that you can find pretty much anywhere do a good job of showcasing the game's graphics and music, and the game is every bit as good as the trailer makes it out to be.

But yeah, it's really hard. I consider myself a skilled gamer and I've played it for about four hours thus far, but just under an hour shows up on the playing time because I've managed to beat a whopping three missions in those four hours. It's supposed to get easier once you unlock the Devil Trigger ability, but from what I see the enemies in the game offset Dante's insane moveset by being incrediculously difficult.

Well there's my mini-review. Get it or rent it now.

Posted by: Moglv99 21st March 2005 01:37
After long 5 years, I`m playing Final fantasy V again...that and usually play some vs fights with with my little brother in tekken ,RS1 (rival school 1),actually I am too busy for playing ,but I`ll start FF IV and FF IX in some days, also recently played Suikoden II ,a great konami game .

Posted by: laszlow 21st March 2005 17:43
I've been playing DMC 3 on Normal for almost four weeks now (not exclusively, but still...), and I still haven't finished it.
Possible spoilers: highlight to view
Stupid demonic chesspieces kicking my ass over and over again....
Outside of DMC, I've been playing Katamari Damacy and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (again) when alone. Playing with others, the tendency nowadays is Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (on the Anniversary Collection), Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Tekken 5. I don't own any of those three, but they all seriously rock.

Posted by: Elena1999 22nd March 2005 00:08
I am currently playing Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits for PS2. I'm about a little over 20 hours into the game and I'm enjoying it. It definately isn't a Final Fantasy killer but I like it.

Posted by: Twilight Paladin 22nd March 2005 00:19
I'm currently playing:

Tales of Symphonia

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time-- Beaten it... but now to the Maze of Tribulations and the rest of Sphere 211

Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel

Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy II (DoS)

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (again...I just can't get enough of it)

Posted by: Blizzard_Wizard8 22nd March 2005 02:40
I just have to say this now but I hate Fullmetal Alchemist. It just hurt Square Enix's reputation. Anyways, I'm playing...

Final Fantasy X(yup, again)

Kingdom Hearts(Expert Mode)


Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30(Xbox)

and some online NeoQuest II.

Posted by: Midori Tsukino 22nd March 2005 03:03
First Post for me in the forum...

Okay so, anyways, Final Fantasy VI (on a ROM)

Kingdom Hearts (Normal Mode) Ah, the memories... speaking of Memories:

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories!!! (Riku's Story)

Sailor Moon: Another Story (ROM) (Sailor Mercury's Story Part... Thing)

Super Mario RPG (ROM)

Aladdin (ROM & SNES) Gosh... so MANY memories there...

Secret of Mana (yes, a ROM)

and, finally... (thank god)

Super Metroid (... guess what? IT'S A ROM!!!)

Well, that's what I'm currently playing this month biggrin.gif happy.gif biggrin.gif happy.gif biggrin.gif

Posted by: Bum's Rush 31st March 2005 06:23
Currently wasting hours upon hours on:

Final Fantasy Tactics
Secret of Mana
Seken Densetsu 3 (SoM3)

Posted by: laszlow 14th April 2005 03:38
April 10th 2005, I have finally beaten Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. I have never gotten such a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from beating such an excellent, excellent game. Easily my favorite game of this generation of consoles.

Anywho, that means I'll have some other titles wasting my time, including:

Grandia: it was a weird coincidence that I found this game (for thirteen bucks, no less) mere days before the news was posted about Grandia III. So far it's been excellent, definitely recommended.

Parasite Eve 2: I actually got both 1 and 2 for a gift from a friend two years ago (we always give each other recommended classic games for B-day presents, I gave him Symphony of the Night last year) and played and enjoyed one but never got around to starting 2. It seems better than the first one.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: I had an N64 ages ago but gave it away. I recently found a good n64 emulator and decided to relive this classic.

Super Mario 64: See above.

Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber: See above, again. Unlike the previous two, I never owned this one, so it's a new experience for me. Seems great so far.

Posted by: Lockes AlterEgo 14th April 2005 22:10
currently lets see
Metriod Prime 2 Echos
Resident Evil 4
Resident evil zero (leech hunter)
Kingom Hearts Chains Of Memories

really thats about it.

Posted by: Elena1999 14th April 2005 23:26
Since my last post I'm still playing Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits but I also picked up Alundra and Lego Star Wars recently and have been playing them both. Lego Star Wars is a kids game so don't expect a lot of death but it's as adorable as hell.

Posted by: bahamut0013 14th April 2005 23:48
Just finished Half-Life 2. So, I want to hit up Half-Life: Source and jog my memory on few things.
Also: Zelda Classic custom quests, plus making my own.
Occasionally, I whip out Pocket Tanks or GTA:SA for some variety.

Posted by: SaintWeapon 15th April 2005 04:05
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner

I like this game more than it's title is unneccessarily long. I was prejudice to it because it lacked demon minions like any true SMT, but it quickly grew on me.

Posted by: RoyalKnight 15th April 2005 22:37
I distinctly remember posting in a topic like this about a year ago, but can't find any post of mine. Oh well.

Currently playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, along with Melty Blood: ReAct. And a friend of mine is attempting me to go at Dawn of War.

Posted by: Blizzard_Wizard8 23rd April 2005 16:48

Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms(PS2)

Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade(PSP)


Ridge Racer(PSP)

and some Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening(PS2)

Posted by: SilverMaduin 23rd April 2005 16:59
Onoe-on-one fighters:
Samurai Showdown I & II (Mizuki is actually a sucker compared to Amakusa)
Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3 (mostly 3. V-ism rules)

Arcade Fighters:
AvsP arcade
Final Fight
Cadillacs and dinosaurs

Chrono Trigger (yes, AGAIN)
FF4 (both for the music happy.gif)

Posted by: Enrique 23rd April 2005 18:54
Currently Playing:
-Devil May Cry 1 ( I wan't to finish it before buying DMC 3 )
-Samurai Legend Musashi
-Ragnarok Online
-Champions: Return to arms ( Good 2-player mode )

Posted by: Random Person 23rd April 2005 19:24
Currently Playing:

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Damned Obelisk...I will burn it to the ground dry.gif

Xenogears - Never did get around to beating this game before now, but I still have a loooong way to go.

Tenchi Muyo! RPG - This game is awesome. It's like Final Fantasy Tactics but with Tenchi Muyo characters and plot. So cool happy.gif

Currently REplaying:

Tales of Symphonia - Just had an urge to spend hours and hours on end beating this again.

Devil May Cry 3 - So unbelievably difficult, I just had to beat it again on hard mode (it helps that your stats carry over from other difficulties. Can you say "Max life and devil trigger on the first level"?)

Posted by: laszlow 23rd April 2005 20:34
Quote (Random Person @ 23rd April 2005 14:24)
Devil May Cry 3 - So unbelievably difficult, I just had to beat it again on hard mode (it helps that your stats carry over from other difficulties.  Can you say "Max life and devil trigger on the first level"?)

Right after I beat Normal mode (and I thought it was pretty hard), I didn't think Hard mode was all that bad. Granted, I only just now beat the 2nd battle with Vergil, but when you have max life, max devil trigger (or ANY devil trigger), and leveled-up styles the first half of the game is way easier.

I heard that Dante Must Die mode is friggin' unbelievable, though.
Possible spoilers: highlight to view
More health and attack for all enemies, and if you take too long in killing enemies, then THEY can devil trigger for ridiculous difficulty. Hard mode doesn't seem too much worse than Normal, but DMD is supposed to be one of the hardest gaming experiences of all time.

[EDIT]Oh, and just so I actually post something more on-topic, I finally beat Minish Cap after having it for over three months, and I switched up on my multiplayers somewhat.

Posted by: Blizzard_Wizard8 23rd June 2005 22:26
X-Men Legends(Xbox)

The Sims 2(PC)

Diablo 2(PC)

The Sims Bustin' Out(Xbox)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords(Xbox)

Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith(Xbox)

Posted by: Silverlance 23rd June 2005 22:30
Endless Saga cool.gif

Also, some Heli Attack 3. I'm looking for a good obscure oldschool SNES RPG though, so that's all subject to change.

Posted by: Nekki 23rd June 2005 22:54
replaying FF6 again...

and a while ago I was playing Tokimeki Memorial ;D hawhawhaw~.

Posted by: laszlow 23rd June 2005 23:05
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Fire Emblem: Fuuin No Tsurugi (on a horribly illegal GBA emulator)
Skies of Arcadia: Legends (again)
Soul Calibur II (multiplayer, on the assumption that I'll be playing a good deal of SCIII next year on grounds)

Posted by: Cloud_Strife510 24th June 2005 01:07
KotOR II (xbox)
and the origonal splinter cell

Posted by: Shinjutsei 24th June 2005 01:30
Lately I've been playing Valkyrie Profile (on Hard) and Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete.

It's so good to be me. XD

Posted by: Spiffyness 24th June 2005 01:45
I'm playin' Advent Rising for Xbox (GREAT game BTW, Gamespot is crap), as well as Alien Hominid (REALLY awesome indie arcade-shooter) and I just ordered Xenogears, whidh will be coming in within a week.

Posted by: Elena99 24th June 2005 02:28
FF6 (Anthology Version)

Warioware, off and on (I can only play it for about 10 minutes at a time before wanting to do something else)

Posted by: Shadow Monroe 24th June 2005 02:37
I'm at the end of FFV (Anthology Version).
Also I am attempting FF3j. After I beat FFV, I might replay KotOR or play J2E's translation of FFIVj.

Posted by: SilverFork 24th June 2005 04:25

- Sonic the Hedgehog 2
- Sonic & Knuckles
- Pirates! Gold

My Genesis has been broken for quite a while, so I finally got around to splicing the cord for, like, the third time and should get about a 'nother week outta it until the AC adaptor threatens to explode again. smile.gif

Posted by: Random Person 24th June 2005 12:24


Stella Deus


Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones (second time through)

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (third time through)

Posted by: Lockes AlterEgo 24th June 2005 14:08
Right now just one Dark Cloud 2, though i havent beaten the orginal yet i am stuck on an area with goro.

Posted by: Shinjutsei 24th June 2005 17:01
Quote (Spiffyness @ 23rd June 2005 20:45)
I'm playin' Advent Rising for Xbox (GREAT game BTW, Gamespot is crap)

Really? Thank GOD.
I was really hoping the game would rock, but that GameSpot review was, it MUST suck. I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet, but now I may give it a try.

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 24th June 2005 17:09
Final Fantasy VII, Mega Man X2 (partial replay), and Tank Wars 3.2 (an old DOS game).

Posted by: BASSsic 24th June 2005 17:42
Just finished VII, so now I'm onto VIII.

Also playing some online Triple Triad.

Posted by: mcclanahan 24th June 2005 18:31
Jet Force Gemini
Paper Mario
Hybrid Heaven
GTA:VC (mods out the ya know)

Posted by: FabulousFreebird 24th June 2005 19:29
I'm playing my FF games and Metal Gear Solid. I played that one recently after allowing it to collect dust on my shelf, so I figured I'd play it just for the "why not? factor" as I have yet to beat it. The story and the characters are so great, that I just had to play it again!

Posted by: karasuman 24th June 2005 20:05
Quote (karasuman @ 14th May 2004 12:27)
Suikoden 2
Silent Hill 3


Next up:

Suikoden 3

Here I am, more than a year later, and I'm back to playing these two games, with the same plan for next in line.

Posted by: Jenny 26th June 2005 20:45
I was playing Legend of Dragoon, but the damn thing sucks. There are no scratches, no dirt, no gameshark, but it keeps freezing up. Usually I could restart from my last save point and it would continue, but after the water dragon fight, which i've done 5 times now, it keeps going black and won't continue. so i kind of gave up, and now i'm pulling out the 64 so i can play Ocarina of Time.

Anyone have any idea why it's doing this to me? It's a PS2, the mini-version, not modified in any way. It plays all the other games [ps1 and ps2] without issue. damn game. i was really getting into it. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif

Posted by: No-Name 26th June 2005 21:20
Secret of mana origenal SNES cartrige.biggrin.gif

Posted by: Lockes AlterEgo 26th June 2005 23:10
Quote (Jenny @ 26th June 2005 15:45)
I was playing Legend of Dragoon, but the damn thing sucks. There are no scratches, no dirt, no gameshark, but it keeps freezing up. Usually I could restart from my last save point and it would continue, but after the water dragon fight, which i've done 5 times now, it keeps going black and won't continue. so i kind of gave up, and now i'm pulling out the 64 so i can play Ocarina of Time.

Anyone have any idea why it's doing this to me? It's a PS2, the mini-version, not modified in any way. It plays all the other games [ps1 and ps2] without issue. damn game. i was really getting into it. mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif

This happened to me when i bought final fantasy 9 you have a bad disc is all. My nine disc wont ever let me get past the scene where your climbing up alexander with zidane and its about to go into the cinimatic fight with alexander and bahamut. Which sucks, just borrow or rent a copy get the right disc and move on. If your disc is still cruppted beyond that point you might need to buy a new one.

Posted by: DarkTonberry34 28th June 2005 04:08
Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Star Wars: Battlefront
GTA: Vice City
GTA: San Andreas
Super Mario Advance 4

Posted by: footbigmike 28th June 2005 17:02
I'm playin :
FF 1,2,4,5,6,9
Metal Gear Solid (Trying to get Fox rank).
Timesplitters 2.

Posted by: Jenny 28th June 2005 18:55
well don't that be just great... dry.gif

Posted by: Mu the Squirrel 29th June 2005 18:47
1) Legend of Dragoon (thanks to karasuman =D)
2) Dynasty Warriors 5 ( wub.gif )

Posted by: Malevolence 30th June 2005 21:58
Need For Speed Undergroud. no one can beat me, at least no one i've played yet. even online no one could take me.

Posted by: Blizzard_Wizard8 1st July 2005 20:42
The Sims 2
Star Wars: KotOR II
Xenosaga: Episode I
Chrono Cross
The Sims(Xbox)

Posted by: GamblingCat 1st July 2005 22:18
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
World of Warcraft
Tales of Symphonia (6 months and 2 days I have been playing this game)

and occasion on & off Super Smash Bros. Melee sessions.

Posted by: Dark_Kain_24 2nd July 2005 07:11
Suikoden I
Suikoden II
Suikoden III
I'm not gonna waste my time on Suikoden IV though
Final Fantasy VI for the tenth time (at the least)
Zelda II

Posted by: laszlow 6th July 2005 14:54
I just finished my third playthrough of SoA: Legends, I'm thinking of maxing every character's stats, but that can wait.

Currently Playing:
Fire Emblem: Fuuin No Tsurugi
Grandia - low-level game, Justin currently level 9 at Mysterious Vanishing Hill
Mega Man X3 (on an emulator, in anticipation of getting X Collection next fall)
Guilty Gear X2 Reload - multiplayer

I'm thinking of doing a speed playthrough for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time or a Force Edge-only Devil May Cry game. Anyone tried those before?
Oh, and Kain, don't double post.

Moderator Edit
No worries, Lasz, that one looks like it was a glitch double post, rather than an intentional one. -R51

Posted by: Shinjutsei 7th July 2005 01:12
I'm playing Xenogears for the first time. Got it in the mail yesterfay. Good Lord, it's like Jesus.


Posted by: BiZZaRo 7th July 2005 01:35
Ive never played Xenogears but i do have Xenosaga 1 and 2 for the PS2. They are great games , (very long) im also playing all the final fantasies over again and all kinds of sports games, and the sims2.

Posted by: Shinjutsei 7th July 2005 01:45
I assure you, friend, that if you like Xenosaga, you'll LOVE Xenogears.

Though, honestly, its not a matter of Gears>Saga, its

I liked Xenosaga too, though. Xenosaga ONE, that is.

Posted by: BiZZaRo 7th July 2005 23:52
Yeah i will admit Xenosaga 1 is better then the second one but it is still a great game. Im gonna have to get Xenogears and play that many times.

Posted by: archetype 12th July 2005 03:34
Trying to Finish FF7 for the 10th time( while getting EVERYTHING)
also GTA: VC and Doom 3

Posted by: Penquin 12th July 2005 04:07
Guild Wars, trying to re-install HL2, Starfox Adventures for a second time, and TES III: Morrowind as my probably Millionth Character, a Yajunta(SP? You know, Predator), and another file as a Mog. I love Morrowind mods.

Posted by: eternalsphere 13th July 2005 03:45
Quote (Shinjutsei @ 6th July 2005 21:12)
I'm playing Xenogears for the first time. Got it in the mail yesterfay. Good Lord, it's like Jesus.


Amen. I can't express how many hours of my life that went down the drain playing that one, 'cause the counter stopped at 99:99:99!

Right now, I'm re-playing Final Fantasy X with the hopes of making a perfect file.

Posted by: Shinjutsei 13th July 2005 05:49
Can I get a w00t w00t for Xenogears?

btw, good luck with FFX. If I EVER have to the chocobo race EVER EVER again, I will commit suicide.
I swear.

Posted by: Cloud 13th July 2005 10:33
im playing Bards Tale at the moment its actually not soo bad and its really funny at times

Posted by: Shotgunnova 13th July 2005 10:45
I'm running through Metal Gear Solid 3 for my third time in four days. Rather than do a one-dayer with the carried-over camo and weapons, I'm going to go through on Extreme and try to do a no-alert game while getting all the special items. That way, after I get all the camouflage and weapons (even if those don't carry over), I can get the Stealth Camouflage and Patriot and have a fun time the next go-'round with the enemy AI.

Besides that, I'm still working on my Arc the Lad: Twilight of Spirits game script. I'm going to submit it to GameFAQs when I'm done, so I can finally get some contributions under my belt. Midway through Chapter 3...I think. Somewhere 'round there. It's more of a slacker advancement, skipping all unessential sidequests and such. Choco and Diekbeck will probably be needed, though.

Posted by: Bum's Rush 16th July 2005 23:58
Just barely purchased (and Beaten) Megaman X8 (it was $20), I have to say I was fairly surprised at it. It was a big improvement over the last (for one it's ALL in 2-D), but it still lacks compared to the other ones. But I'm mostly kicking @$$ in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.

Posted by: final_fantasy_freak_uk 26th July 2005 14:06
im playing zelda a link to the past
final fantasy 6
super metroid
midnight club 3 dub edition
simpsons hit and run

Posted by: angel_of_death 27th July 2005 13:40
im working on....
Final fantasy 6
metal gear solid 3
super mario bros 3
resident evil 3

and thats about it, a small amout of games keeps me occupied for a long amout of time! thumbup.gif

Posted by: Lockes AlterEgo 27th July 2005 15:12
Been a while since i have been here.

pokemon emerald
pokemon collosum
Kingdom Hearts chains of memories (reverse rebirth)
Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life
Harvest Moon Friends of mineral town
Metriod Prime 2 Echos
Chrono Cross (second playthru)
Dark Cloud 2

Posted by: Shinjutsei 27th July 2005 17:08
Just finished Resident Evil (Cube), and I am now working on mastering Wavedashing in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Wish me luck.

After that, it's off to beat FFT for the millionth time.

Posted by: GamblingCat 28th July 2005 21:12
Well i have been having a lot of free time recently:

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (Gamecube): hunting for sonic emblems and raising chao.

World of Warcraft (PC): training my level 21 Palidan (Need More Free Time) & need to renew account on my birthday.

Tales of Symphonia (GC): My favorite game of all time, hell yeah, i have been playing it for 7 months now and it still is a fun game.

Posted by: Duo_Dragoon 28th July 2005 23:49
Hmmm me well...

Tales Of Phantasia
Final Fantasy Legend 2
Final Fantasy Legend 3
Dark CLoud
Castlevania 64
Final Fantasy 6 for the 4th time
CHrono Trigger
Dragon Warrior IV
Megaman X
Megaman X 3
Megaman X 4
Megaman X 5
Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Protoman

thats all I can think of at the moment.

Posted by: Darksouleater 30th July 2005 00:47
I'm playing:
Final Fantasy 2 (Dawn of Souls)
Guild Wars
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
and Tekken 5

Posted by: GamblingCat 4th August 2005 19:26
Another update:

World of Warcraft: played a bit this week got to level 22, and hope to get to 24-26 by the end of the week.

Super Mario 64 DS: i got it a few days ago and have 65 stars now.

Mario Party 6: Got it the other day and am hooked

Thats it for now

Posted by: karasuman 4th August 2005 19:32
I'm playing...

Katamari Damacy, and probably will be until We Love Katamari comes out and I switch over to that.
Suikoden IV; God, I hope this game ends soon.
Golden Sun, thanks to Lasz.

Posted by: Shinjutsei 4th August 2005 20:29
Currently playing:
Darkstalkers 3

Posted by: SilverFork 7th August 2005 04:01
Lately I've been playing:

- Kirby Canvas Curse (Finished; working on collecting all the medals)
- Star Wars Battlefront (off 'n' on. Can't wait for the sequel)

Posted by: Mimic 7th August 2005 10:57
I've mainly been playing Red Dead Revolver, which I managed to pick up for £8 and is a fun little game, and Tekken 5, where I've mainly been working on getting better with Steve Fox and Law.

Posted by: GamblingCat 19th August 2005 17:27
Whoa another update for me:

World of Warcraft: got to get to Level 30-32 area before school starts im at Level 28 for my Paladin

Final Fantasy II (Dawn of Souls version): mainly just playing Soul of Rebirth

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle: for fun and get the occasional Sonic Emblem

Super Mario 64 DS: I have all 150 stars (Well i ahve had them all for about 6 days now, but i play the game just for those minigames.

thats it for now. but when i get the money i am going to go get Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones.

Posted by: FabulousFreebird 19th August 2005 19:24
Here's my updated list:

WWE Smackdown! (one of the older ones until I get WWE Smackdown vs. RAW)

Final Fantasy Tactics (I can't get enough of this one)

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (same as above)

Mortal Kombat Deception (my first MK game in years!)

Before too long I'll add Samurai Western (something like that) to my list. All games I play on PS2 with the exception of Diablo.

Posted by: Cloud_Strife510 19th August 2005 19:30

and Tekken 3

I've finally fixed my old PS1

Posted by: Xdeath 19th August 2005 23:50
Gta3 Gta vice city Gta san andreas FF6

Posted by: GooseKnight 20th August 2005 16:45
Well...since you asked...

I am perpetually playing FFT and will probably never be over that game. Until a major console sequel rears it's beautiful head, that is.

Playing FF5 again for the first time in awhile.

Madden '06: getting my arse whipped by my roommate on a daily basis. I roll with the Vikings. He can beat me with the Niners if that means anything to anybody.

Earthbound: Just started and I am hooked.

Playing a bit of Robotrek also.

Posted by: laszlow 20th August 2005 17:06
Now that band camp's over I've been getting my gaming fix more often than usual.

The Legend of Zelda (GBA Classic NES) - This game is a lot more fun that I remembered, particularly the action and the music. Thanks, Karasuman!

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (NES Emulator) - This is probably my sixth or seventh playthrough, and this time I'm trying a Sypha-only (from the pirate ship onwards) speed playthrough.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (PS2) - I'm on Hard Mode right now, and I'm trying to get the hang of the Royal Guard style, because I pretty much used Swordmaster exclusively my first round through. It's almost a different game now, but still awesome.

Mega Man 7 (PS2 MMAC) - I sort of felt obligated to play it because it's the only one I haven't finished on the Anniversary Collection, and it's pretty good, but still my least favorite of the original eight.

Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis - I like this game a ton. It does the SNES original and N64 masterpiece justice; check it out if you can find it.

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