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Has FFXVI delayed SE's Next Big Thing?

Posted: 11th January 2022 22:25

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I wasn't sure if this was newsworthy enough to post as a news item...feel free to do so if you think otherwise!

I just yesterday set up a Google News alert for FFXVI, as I'm really interested in seeing more of that game. In my very second email for the alert, this article was the top link:

In a nutshell: rumor is SE is working on its next PlayStation 5 exclusive, but is withholding announcement on it as they fear it would take interest away from FFXVI. Said new exclusive is purportedly NOT a Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or Dragon Quest game.

I found this news intriguing! A new IP, perhaps? Let the speculation begin!

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Posted: 12th January 2022 13:52

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I clicked through on your link and saw that the rumor was being credited to Jordan Middler, but I didn't see it under his author tag on VGC or on his own Twitter after about five minutes of digging. But at the moment I don't know what to think about it or even if it's real, lol.

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