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Steal and run

Posted: 24th September 2015 01:59
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I've created a strategy to steal lots of stuff from dungeons and I think it's a blast.

You need a thief and another character with high speed (thief or ninja or ranger, etc).
Your second faster character must equip !Run or !Smoke.
Start a battle.
Your thief steals.
Your other Speedy Gonzalez uses !Run or !Smoke
Then begin another battle.
Push the "auto" button.
Your thief steals and you scape automatically.
Repeat this like… gazillions times.

1) I've created this strat to steal Lamias Tarias at Ronkas floating ruins. In no time I got two of them.
2) Then I stole Ronka Soldiers to get 90+ hi-potions. Accidentally I got my third Lamia's Tiara.
Now the downsides:
-You steal the front liner ALWAYS. Fortunately there was a solo Lamia formation.
-You got LOTS of crap too. At Ronka's are potions, maiden's kiss and golden needles. You can erase or sell them.
-Monsters faster than your characters will hit them. Beware.
-Not always you will steal.
-Forget your Brave Sword. (Chicken Knife is better, IMO).

And that's all, by now.
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