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CT Character Optimization - Prism Dress / Helm

Posted: 30th June 2014 15:12
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The Character Optimization page states that the Prism Dress / Prism Helm are rare, so unless you only use one girl you're better off grabbing the Dress when given the choice between 1 Dress / 3 Helms.

This is NOT TRUE.

As the page points out, you can charm one Dress and one Helm from the final boss of the Black Omen dungeon. (Typo alert: the page says the Dress comes from the head. It actually comes from the right hand.) HOWEVER, this boss can be fought MULTIPLE TIMES (once each in multiple eras). Thus, it is possible to get enough Prism Dresses for all the girls in one playthrough, even if you chose the Helms earlier. In fact, by choosing the Helms it is possible to completely equip your characters in a single playthrough.

Please change this on the page. I was led by the page to choose the dress, so now I'll have to wait for a second playthrough when I could have had them now. It's a bit annoying.
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Posted: 30th July 2014 21:47

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To be fair, though -- the Black Omen is practically the final dungeon of the game. Would be nice to make a note of this, though.

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Posted: 31st July 2014 01:43

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You're correct in that you can run through the Black Omen multiple times, and I apologize as the author of that section. In another part of the section additional Black Omen runs are mentioned, but I believe that was an edit (a correct one) made by Josh or Neal.

And I'm sorry I waited this long to respond. I didn't like your tone.

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