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An error and a question

Posted: 26th August 2018 20:32

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The special equipment page says that the Magic Lamp summons Phoenix. It actually doesn't, at least not in the GBA version.

I have a question about Sword Dance. I know that the Lamia's Tiara, Rainbow Dress, and Red Slippers all boost the frequency of it appearing. Are these effects culmulative? I usually equip all three, but someone on Twitter said you need just one of the three equipped to get the bonus.
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Posted: 26th August 2018 22:04

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Thanks, fixed that error. Not sure how I managed to include that. As for your question, I believe that you don't get a cumulative effect, but I would wait to hear from someone who knows the game better to be sure. smile.gif

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Posted: 31st August 2018 04:13
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As mentioned above, the Dancer equipment does not work cumulative. So any of these pieces will suffice.

How this work is just setting a variable on (lets call it "Sword Dance Up") which takes "Tempting Tango" out of the equation and doubles the chances to perform a Sword Dance.

Taken from the algorithm FAQ:

1) If attacker has Sword Dance Up, Let N1 = (0..99);
  if N1 < 50, use Sword Dance;
  if N1 > 50, let N2 = (0..99);  if N2 < 50, use Jitterbug Duet;
  if N2 >= 50, use Mystery Waltz
2) If attacker does not have Sword Dance Up, Let N1 = (0..3);
  if N1 = 0, use Jitterbug Duet;
  if N1 = 1, use Mystery Waltz;
  if N1 = 2, use Sword Dance;
  if N1 = 3, use Tempting Tango

Sword Dance Up: Sword Dance has a 50% chance of being used when Dance is used.
Jitterbug Duet and Mystery Waltz have a 25% chance of being used. Tempting Tango will not be used.
Also, when using Flirt, Hit% = Hit% * 2

Note: Other equipment specialty variables are:
|Hex| Specialty |
| 01| Catch Up |
| 02| Become Undead |
| 04| Sword Dance Up |
| 08| Half Mp (Battle) |
| 10| Steal Up |
| 20| Brawl Up |
| 40| Evade Physical Up |
| 80| Evade Magic Up |

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