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Posted by: Kylerocks 4th January 2003 08:53
I don't need to say(write?)  anything

Posted by: Iain Peregrine 4th January 2003 15:51
I always liked the charecter, I don't know why. I'll admit that he is a bit of a sisy, but I think his strong points would have come out more had he been with you longer. I definitly think he was under used.

Ah, the joy of encountering your younger self. Who uses words like "sissy"? And you liked him because he looked cool and played music.

Posted by: FraudulentTommah 4th January 2003 21:19
I didn't really care about Edward. I didn't like him, but I didn't hate him. Sure, he saves your ass with his harp... but he's a Bard. Haha..

Posted by: CGChewie 4th January 2003 21:31
Ya, he's cool. I mean, who cares if he has a bad special ability and he can't do good damage... He's a bard, what more do you need?

Posted by: monkey-wrench 5th January 2003 04:27
hate him, everytime i tryed to use a potion on him he runs and hides.

Posted by: Jlombardi13 5th January 2003 05:45
He's a very cool character. Bards are great. However, he was very weak and was lacking a lot (skills, etc). His redeeming factor was his harp, as it usually caused a status change such as charm. Overall, very cool out of battle, and the battle weakness wasn't enough to affect him. Besides, he wasn't in your party permanently.

Posted by: MorgueN 5th January 2003 21:42
I would have to vote indifferent. Edward is certainly one of the few Final Fantasy Characters of all time that gets bashed big time. Well as a chracter Edward was unique for the first time we had a coward. I never experienced cowardice in FF5, FF6 or FF7. But cowardice isn't something you should admire, nor was hide and medicine useful. For storyline purposes, lets just say he furfilled his purpose.

Posted by: mookie99 6th January 2003 11:45
let me put my emotion for Edward in this sentence...

When he was thrown from the boat in the Leviathan attack, I was jumping up and down like a school girl with glee that I wouldn't have to have his sorry ass in combat again.  :lol:

Posted by: Super Moogle 6th January 2003 13:01
All in all, I'm pretty indifferent.

I think he's a pretty lousy fighter, and definitely the weakest playable character in the game.  His ability to do decent damage is practically non-existant, and his defensive capabilities are equally poor.  His only real advantage is his recent ability to Hide, and that's saying a lot about the rest of his talents.

As a character, he doesn't really get much development, and generally comes off as something of a fop.  I never really got into his personality.  I can't say I really hated him, but I can say that I never liked him.

In the end, my feelings towards Edward are mostly negative, though nowhere near enough to justify him as a hated character.  I'll just say that I didn't really care about him, but I'd certainly rather have someone else in my party.

Posted by: Elena99 6th January 2003 14:35
I like Edward actually ^-^ Though sometimes he says or does things that are a little when Anna died, he showed a lot of emotion about it, then all of a sudden, he was cold about it and wanting to go out and seek revenge. Not even trying to arrange for a proper funeral or anything. (Unless people in the FFIV world don't do that?)

The only thing I didn't like is how when he's low on HP and hides, you can't get him back in the battle long enough to heal him so he can be useful.

Posted by: Bismark87 8th January 2003 06:42
Quote (CGChewie @ 4 Jan. 2003, 15:31)
Ya, he's cool. I mean, who cares if he has a bad special ability and he can't do good damage... He's a bard, what more do you need?

well i kind of think like bard-monk (same as Edge).
He has natural high attacks...exept that his weapons are weak...(or was it other around?...)

Posted by: bond4154 8th January 2003 09:27
Ask Spoony_Bard; he'll probably tell you what I'd say.

EDIT: Spoony_Bard, you'll say you like Edward, right?

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Bond, every once in a while, you seem to catch a case of coy, when all your posts get overly oblique. They all read like they're worthless. In this case, if you can't just come right out and say it without the need to be clever, why bother posting at all?

Posted by: StriKer 9th January 2003 01:22
i found edward quite useless and a pompous prick (pls excuse my lang if that offends anyone)  He was a complete playa and got pissed when his love dies and what not.  And he was weak.  I was always tryin to defend him and heal him but he just kept hiding.  What does that tell you about a character when their special is hide..?  i mean how sad is that?  HE was so weak too. Rydia in my game was stronger than he was. And he is suposed to be a prince.  I would be depressed to have future king like that...  Let alone know the little boy that he acted like.

Posted by: Kame 10th January 2003 06:43
What can I say about Edward. He's a lover not a fighter.  <3

Posted by: bobtheflamingmoogle 16th January 2003 23:13
ahhhhhhhhhhhh! i hate that dumb***! i wanted to take his stupid harp, thun it sideways and shove it up....oops, kids can read this. i'm sorry  >_> i didn't mean it, his just the worst caracter in the game, and that part right after you get him when he fights that thing that comes out of the water. i tryed to beat it, and he kept running away and hiding. stupid dumb***. i lost because of him.

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Tone down the language, please.  Thanks.  -Neal

Posted by: BGrugby 17th January 2003 01:35
Who cares about Edward he is in the game for like 10 min. of actually fighting and when that is the case your party is so God awful weak it isn't funny. But I guess I could feel sorry for him since his g/f died....nah he is still a worthless baby.

Posted by: therandyrhoads 22nd January 2003 23:27
I  <3 HATE <3  edward. he just sucks. bad attacks, bad weapons, bad ability, fruity, and a weakass story to boot. how can you like this guy?

Posted by: Del S 28th January 2003 17:26
i hate edward. Ed must Die! please say he dies eventually, i havent gotten by rubicnat yet![sob]

Posted by: Neal 28th January 2003 20:47
I like Edward.  I actually roleplay him in an FF4 simulation so I may be kind of biased, but I like the situation he has with Anna -- he leaves a lot open for interpretation.  Anna has been revived in our sim and we've actually got Palom and Porom as their children -- we think that could be the way it goes since Tellah seems to be Mysidian and Anna is his daughter.  Who knows, the twins could be their children.  Edward is also a really fun character to write for in FF4 Survivor, so he's always a plus.

Posted by: williferd 28th January 2003 23:52
I have to like him.What character could run away from a fight(for a little bit).Every character in games is a born fighter. There bold and never run away.Some people are scared of big monsters who come from nowhere.Some people are weaker than others so they nead to do something. I am very much for edward.

Posted by: SilverMaduin 31st January 2003 11:10
I like Ed. Or should I say G(u)ilbert van Muir... I got kinda sick of him getting whipped in Antilon's lair, so I just leveled him up. (Duh!  :lol: ) When he was in my team and DID get so beaten that he had to hide, I just treated him like a corpse. The others got by nicely. And I like his story - anybody who likes Locke's or Setzer's story has to like Ed. =^_^= Kupo! (Damn! I'm getting that moogle mutation again!  x_x )

Posted by: Dark Paladin 23rd March 2003 06:36
I like him
His Medicinal ability gives him a second job title (Now everyone has one! No...two!)
Saves you when you're at your weakest!
Highest growth at Lv. 70+, 4+ on certain stats (See Maximum Statistics Guide at
Tormented Hero personna

Posted by: Excalibur 25th March 2003 20:18
We all gotta love the "spoony bard" :) . And his ability is handy too.

Posted by: l)arkShadow 18th April 2004 14:12
Pointas a shotgun in his face and pulls the friggin trigger. I HATE HIM. HIS HARP SUCKS. IT CANNOT DO DAMAGE. ID GET CECIL AND THROW A DARK SWORD IN HIS EYE. DIE EDWARD!!!!!!

Posted by: Wind-Dancer 18th April 2004 14:56
He didn't matter to me. I used him when I had to and was happy when I got rid of him. He's not my favorite but I don't hate him.

Posted by: ZeiksNegativeRainbow 18th April 2004 17:04
I really like Edward. Yeah, he was pretty much useless in battle, and the Japanese version of the game accentuated this fact by giving him a couple of really stupid skills (honestly, I can't imagine a scenario in which dividing up a cure potion to heal everyone by 5 HP could be useful), but I think his character is quite interesting. He's really a lot like Cecil, seeking redemption and trying to get over the ghosts that keep haunting him. I love his story, persevering after Anna and Tellah die, finally realizing what Anna was trying to tell him about himself, finding that inner strength, and helping the heroes at the end. Great story.

Posted by: Dark Paladin 18th April 2004 22:16
I think the main reason people don't like Gilbert/Edward and think he is so weak is that he is a medium-damage attacker, and you get him with your only experience with physical fighters up to that point is two over-levelled knights that were able to take down all the monsters in a single blow.

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 18th April 2004 22:23
Sure, Edward had Hide, and his Sing didn't really do much. But at least his attack power was higher than Rydia's (I won't consider that he uses an absurd weapon), and he also hit much more often. Therefore, he was good for more than just killing imps.

Plus, he actually gets more character development than some other characters, like FuSoYa and the twins. He's a dynamic character (although also a flat character), and he changes in the course of the game.

And I haven't mentioned that he did save your party's rear end from the Dark Elf (even though the event felt contrived, admittedly).

Posted by: Angry_Lizard 19th April 2004 02:41
maybe the weapon does magical effects, have u ever considered that?, have u ever played lunar, the silver star, well Luna could sing to make her allies heal, or her enemies suffer

Posted by: Phunbaba 19th April 2004 03:28
Edwards cool i just hate his name so I changed it too Cloud just like the edward on ffVI

Posted by: tenshi/akuma 19th April 2004 16:33
I've always liked Edward. It seems like he gets too much of a bum rap sometimes. I mean, yeah, he is kinda weak physically, but c'mon, he's a bard. They're not exactly known for their physical prowess.

Also, he did kinda lose the love of his life. Give him a break. tongue.gif

Posted by: melissasue 23rd April 2004 18:31
I like Edward. He's kinda (REALLY) crappy at the beginning of the game, but when you fight with him more and have him gain some levels, he becomes quite handy. Not to mention that it's fun to have the harp put status effects on the enemies. happy.gif

Posted by: Djibriel 29th April 2004 09:51
As an addition to your team, he's worthless...but as a character, I really like him. He has that sad-poet thing going for him. He may seem like a coward and a weakling, but some people are just not born for combat. And besides, if I would ever meet a Final Fantasy monster in real life...I think I'd just get the hell out of there too.

Posted by: GamblingCat 30th April 2004 22:03
I hate Gilbert(SNES Emulator version)/Edward, he was a stupid whiney bard, he was such a weakling.

Posted by: Kit 10th May 2004 03:48
I just plain like bards!

Posted by: Adma 10th May 2004 03:51
I wasn't affected entirely either way by Edward, he wasn't really an important character by any means, and he was only there for a blink of an eye.

Posted by: karasuman 10th May 2004 17:49
I don't much like having Edward in my party (though his charm harp can be a useful touch), but I love the character. I think he's one of the most interesting personalities in the game.

Posted by: Sephiroth 13th May 2004 00:24
Quote (monkey-wrench @ 4th January 2003 23:27)
hate him, everytime i tryed to use a potion on him he runs and hides.

Enough said...I totally agree. I could not stand him.

Posted by: Dark Paladin 13th May 2004 15:53
Quote (Sephiroth @ 12th May 2004 20:24)
Quote (monkey-wrench @ 4th January 2003 23:27)
hate him, everytime i tryed to use a potion on him he runs and hides.

Enough said...I totally agree. I could not stand him.

Ever consider using a Potion outside of battle?
I, personally, never use potions that much. If I was in a dire state in a battle, I would use magic on everyone, then after the battle, I would use a potion to close the gap between Max HP and Current HP. UNless you are recovering status or life, it seems like a waste of a turn to heal just one person.

Posted by: LadyRed 15th May 2004 01:19
Yes, Edward was quite the nancy boy, and I wasn't fond of his choice of weapon, but I rather liked him. His character was able to develop throughout the course of the game, at least he wasn't actually hitting monsters over the head with his lute like they do in FFTA because that would have been sacrilege, his story was so sad, and I'm just a sucker for sad musicians. =Þ
And hey, without a character like Edward, we would never have gotten the classic "YOU SPOONY BARD!" line from Tellah. happy.gif

Posted by: Blue-Fire14 19th May 2004 21:41
I voted HATE because well he Hides like a little bitch..sry for Harsh language but thats what Edward or (Gilbert on emulator version) DOES TO ME!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Lanha 20th May 2004 05:32
I'm pretty indifferent about Eddy. I don't hate him, but I'm not his hugest fan either. I have to admit that I never really leveled him up, though. He was sucking precious XP from my poor Rydia. tongue.gif

Posted by: sharkerbob 22nd May 2004 04:33

I actually really like Edward. If I was a Final Fantasy class, much as I would like to be a Red Mage, I think I would end up as a Bard. The wandering storyteller gimmick is my thing. Besides, coward though he may start off as, he really pulls through and saves the day a couple of times. Hell, he's practically dying at some point and he still pushes himself upward and on ward. I find this more impressive than say, Cecil or Kain, who are used to taking heavy damage and pulling through; its heroic in both cases, but think of it this way: you expecet the uberknight and the dragoon to grit their teeth and plow through the oncoming horde of monsters. You expect the weakling bard to run and Hide. And while "hiding" may be one of his "special abilities", he chooses to come along, face the hordes, and throw himself in harms way for the people he cares about.

Edward is also one of the more human characters in the game, and by that, I mean he has foils which make him easier to relate to then most of the others. Aside from Cecil (who is having an identity crisis) and Kid Rydia (who is struggling to deal with the tragedy of her destroyed childhood), pretty much all the other characters have stock personalities that I think are a little too gung-ho considering the dangers they are facing. I go with Edward: if something huge and nasty is coming my way, and my uber-night and summoner companions can't kill it in a couple of hits, and my harp isn't doing jack, I think a strategic retreat would be in order. I'd drag my companions with me, though.

As other have mentioned, he's not much help in battle, at least at first; his main uses are to divert enemy attacsk from Cecil and act as an item-based healer. After he gets over his fears, his attack power actually gets a boost (at least I think it does), making him more effective as an extra attacker against swarms of weaker enemies. Plus the status harps can be useful as well, when they work.

Still, like most FF4 characters, he isn't in the party for all that long, so if you can't stand using him, he's not gunna be there to annoy you for too long a time.

Posted by: Sephiroth 26th May 2004 19:07
Quote (Dark Paladin @ 13th May 2004 10:53)
Quote (Sephiroth @ 12th May 2004 20:24)
Quote (monkey-wrench @ 4th January 2003 23:27)
hate him, everytime i tryed to use a potion on him he runs and hides.

Enough said...I totally agree. I could not stand him.

Ever consider using a Potion outside of battle?
I, personally, never use potions that much. If I was in a dire state in a battle, I would use magic on everyone, then after the battle, I would use a potion to close the gap between Max HP and Current HP. UNless you are recovering status or life, it seems like a waste of a turn to heal just one person.

Ok...let me correct myself...everytime I try to heal at all in battle in any possible way he runs and can't keep him up front long enought to heal him, and that gets to be a real pain when you're in the middle of a boss fight...sometimes you can't just use a ption or healing spell outside the battle considering in a boss fight you can't run away.

Posted by: Dingleberry 31st May 2004 18:46
Vote = Love

who wouldn't love the dialogue between him and Tellah

"<<you know the words>>"

Posted by: Cloud_the_ex-soldier 31st May 2004 21:24
sleep.gif PONCE. I hate him, I mean come on for most of the game he is lying in bed feeling sorry for himself, Rosa is cooler than him>:(

Posted by: The_Mighty_Nooj 3rd June 2004 13:17
I like him, he is cool but my cuz, cloud the ex solidier h8's him

Posted by: Sephiroth 9th June 2004 03:17
Quote (Dingleberry @ 31st May 2004 13:46)
Vote = Love

who wouldn't love the dialogue between him and Tellah

"<<you know the words>>"

"you spoony bard!" biggrin.gif

Posted by: Ultros: Octopus Royalty 24th June 2004 03:46
I would have really liked Edward, if I NEVER had to fight with him. His weapon was unique, He was a neat looking charecter, but the hide ability just made me want to scream. If his hit points ever diped, you could be sure he'd be useless for the remainder of the battle. If they ditched the hiding, and made him stay in your party longer, I would say he was one of the coolest FF charecters.

Posted by: Magicite 25th June 2004 05:43
Character-wise, I liked Edward, but I wouldn’t put him in my party.

Posted by: Pallando 5th July 2004 05:21
That SPOOOOONY Bard! After he got thrown off the ship when Leviathin attacked I was kinda happy and kinda not. I feel that there was a lot more left to do in terms of character development with him, perhaps more so than with Yang. The creators could have built him up and given him better abilities so he would be more useful later. Storywise, I loved him. He's kind of the inverse of Umaro in Final Fantasy VI. Also in FFVI like Leo, they took Edward/Gilbert, it's always the interesting ones!!!!

Posted by: Cloud_Strife510 12th July 2004 00:41
I voted that i hated him, mainly since his character development didn't happen as i thought, when i was first playing FF4

i believed he was eventually going to become a great fighter,(mainly because when youre first with Edward he battles that alligator by himself after feeling weak), but throughout the whole game he was weak and downtrodden
so i didn't like him
and still don't

Posted by: ZidaneTribal 31st August 2011 11:17

Love him. He's so cute and adorable. He can be annoying at times though. But he's just the cutest thing ever. I'm so jealous of Anna. wub.gif

Posted by: ILoveMoombas! 31st August 2011 21:57
I think Edward's okay in FFIV. Love his cute little hat, but didn't think much of him in battle.

I really like him in TAY.
Possible spoilers: highlight to view
I thought it was really brave of him to stand up to Dark Kain even though it didn't work out very well.

So, I voted "Like".

Posted by: LilyheartsLightning 31st August 2011 22:58
*waves "Team Edward" banner* =happy.gif=

Edward is easily the most underrated character in FFIV, especially in the GBA/PSP remakes where he rejoins your party. Who can argue when Edward's capable of dealing 9999 damage to some of the enemies in the Lunar Subterrane? XD

Posted by: KasperNinja 15th October 2011 02:45
Hes good and bad because Edward helps out when your fighting the dark elf.but through out the game he sucks but once he gets his Ultimate Weapons hes good.and the after stories hes much better so my feelings for him are indifferent

Posted by: G. R. Martins 30th May 2012 13:49
Edward is really one of a kind.

I mean, he was the FIRST COWARD ever in the FF series. I mean, dude, you've got to have balls for that... or lack them, but anyway...

And he's got a better story than almost half of the other characters
Possible spoilers: highlight to view
(read here, Palom, Porom, FuSoYa, Yang and last but not least... Cid.)

Posted by: Magitek_slayer 5th August 2012 08:41
Edward is annoying in the original game, i admit it, but his backstory is sad.You wouldn't be bashing him, if it was your loved one who died.

Edward is slightly better in the remake, because he gets a stronger weapon,.Personally, i prefer cid and yang.

Posted by: Death Penalty 6th August 2012 02:15
I don't care for Edward at all. First of all, I feel like any strategic benefit he can possibly offer can be achieved more efficiently by another character. On top of that, I don't care for his character at all either. I know what they're going for with his background and development, but all I'm getting out of it is a whole lot of him being a wuss.

Posted by: Tchy 11th August 2012 12:43
I voted indifferent because I don't really care for Edward at all and like death penalty said , anything ,strategical, he does can be done by other characters.
And his story wasn't really that awful it's like c'mon Palom and Porom lost their lives (at least in snes version) but he was alive what else can you ask for spoony bard.

Posted by: RavenLalonde 1st June 2013 02:25
Edward is okay. People like to hate on him because he is a bard, and I must admit that bards are... not versatile. The thing is that you cannot think of him as a fighter or a spellcaster, but rather as just a bard. He sings the monsters to sleep, then you kill them. Or they kill Edward. But that is why he has the Hide ability, and also why you should put him in the back. Level him up a bit, and he can actually take out a few monsters. (I am addicted to earning experience, and Edward has on many occasions killed a monster singlehandedly.)

Posted by: MetroidMorphBall 25th September 2013 00:06
I remember Edward being absolutely useless in the SNES version of the game. He's much more useful in the DS/mobile version. Being able to choose your song, instead of having one used at random, allows for better strategizing. Salve is also a useful function that I don't remember from the SNES version (but that may have been in the fan translated Super Famicon version I played...don't remember).

Posted by: Archeosaur 25th September 2013 01:37
I'm pretty ambivalent to be honest. Edward is obviously a "nice" guy, but in battle (at least in the PS1 version of the game I have) he's pretty useless. Overall, he's an interesting character who's rather underpowered in a fight.

Posted by: Spooniest 25th September 2013 17:51
I refuse to vote, as everyone knows I like him.

Yes, musicians are useless in a fight. And any musician worth his salt will tell you that they're not a fighter, they're a lover. Metal musicians included (they're just trying to kill the monsters).

Edward did deserve to get smacked, though. In J2e's original fan translation, they have Cecil curse him out, which I thought was inappropriate for his character, so I removed it, but he did need to get smacked across the face a bit.

You can't just lay down and die because you lost your loved one. Buck up, man!

Posted by: RavenLalonde 5th October 2013 00:57
I think Edward was a brave and "feels-y" man. He starts out cowardly, but with the help of Rydia and Anna, he grows up a lot. He is a pretty cool character. He is cooler in story than in gameplay, in my opinion.

Posted by: HolyCeles 24th October 2013 14:45
I don't like edward at all. He (in my opinion) is the biggest joke of a character aside from FF7 Cait sith. He is weak, in battle he barely does damage and the only good bardsong is Hastemarch, which you'll get if you have it on another character, unless you leveled to very high. This is just my opinion.

Posted by: Spooniest 23rd November 2013 11:05
I have to say "Like," don't I?

Look, he's a goddamn musician. He wasn't expecting to have to go into battle, he doesn't even like being a prince. He likes music, and women, and a wee bit of the creature now and again, I'll wager.

This guy had his entire world (his lover, his family, his kingdom) ripped away from him, and was immediately told that the Hero needed his help. Only the royal family of Damcyan can enter the cave, remember?

This is what happens if you send a musician into battle. Plus, the kid's gotta be what, 17, 18?

No hating on Edward.

Posted by: Spoonylife 13th January 2014 23:00
Edward is the character that first dwells with a loss of a love one that stands in my memory

Posted by: Billdolfski 13th April 2014 14:25
He did get us "spoony." For that, I applaud him.

For character reasons, he's pretty OK in my book. I think he adds to the story and is intertwined with the rest of the cast pretty well, from his beginnings with Tellah (who was a pretty major character in the beginning of the game) throughout his support role with the Dark Elf and end game.

As for playing with him? His name should be EdTurd or Turdward, because that's what he is. He is OK in the final dungeon because the Apollo harp does extra damage against dragon-types and he's pretty fast but his HP is garbage and he spends most of his time hiding. I won't comment on his class abilities because that's not really a problem that's exclusive to him. I will say this, I've been through the Lunar Ruins a few times now and I've not come across his final armor or weapon and I hear he gets a whole lot better after that, so I may report back after finding them if I change my mind.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. Edward is quite useful once you have his final gear. His weapon does decent damage to anything, a little behind Edge I'd say but from the back row and all sorts of enemy types are weak to it, including dragons... so that's all 9's. Couple that with his speed and God forbid, Haste... and he absolutely cranks out the damage. His buffed up ability is pretty good but like rest of Edward... he's kind of a day late and a dollar short kind of guy. By the time you get his upgraded ability, it's really not all that useful... would have been a lot more useful earlier. He's terrible throughout the game and shines a good bit in the Lunar Sub and Crystal Palace with the Apollo Harp. He's pretty weak post game and in the Lunar Ruins until you get Loki's Lute and the Vishnu Vest which are both pretty far into the ruins. His trial doesn't net you much. He's a wonder vs Brachioraidos, I'll give him that.

tl;dr Edward is quite good end game but it's pretty much too late.

Posted by: chevleclair 13th April 2014 16:19
Edward Chris von Muir.

I have a habit of breaking questions down to justify potentially long winded and complex answers to what can be perceived as simple questions. For those who don't like that, and prefer a simple answer, I have one for you:

Yes and No. You don't need to read beyond this point.

If you want an explanation for that, here it is.

Game systemically speaking, I can't stand the guy. In FFIV DS, the only person that drives me more insane is FuSoYa in terms of being worthless. He's good at dealing status damage with his Harp ability, but the only way to counteract his poor damage dealing ability is to lose the harp and that ability and equip him with a bow and arrow instead.

Though, in the DS version, his "Potion" ability, which allows him to heal the entire party simultaneously comes in handy for most of his run with the party. So, if there's anything that redeems him, it's that. Otherwise, screw that.

As a character in the story, he begins as a flighty, simpering prince and develops into a strong willed background hero and a charismatic leader to his people. This game is all about character development, and Edward fits in nicely.

Posted by: Glenn Magus Harvey 14th April 2014 17:15
Where did the Hide ability even come from? And who thought it was a good idea to have auto-hide be a low-HP ability? Was it decided for thematic reasons?

Posted by: Billdolfski 15th April 2014 13:40
Auto Hide is quite frustrating, to say the least. Especially when you tell him to come out, waste a turn with another character to heal him and he's gone before you cast/use.

I hear the abusing berserk on a hiding Edward works really, really well... but I haven't bothered with it. Like I said before, he's pretty good at the absolute end of the game but only against certain enemies (though it's a lot) and the other guys who do consistent big damage to everything sure have a lot more hit points than he does.

Posted by: RavenLalonde 22nd April 2014 02:46
His auto-hide does not bother me much, as I do not exactly miss him.

Posted by: Jasoncw 14th August 2014 03:29
Didn't like him, but tbh outside of Cecil, Kain, who are mega awesome, and a few other characters, I wasn't much into FFIV's characters.

Posted by: BlitzSage 4th June 2015 06:00
Quote (Jasoncw @ 13th August 2014 23:29)
Didn't like him, but tbh outside of Cecil, Kain, who are mega awesome, and a few other characters, I wasn't much into FFIV's characters.

Cid is good, but like Yang and Edward, and many other characters, they often drop in and out of the party so they were never truly developed. I agree in thinking that FFIV's characters isn't the game's strong suit.

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