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Posted by: blueman01 26th September 2014 00:10
So I've managed to get to the earth cave with my 2 fighter thief black belt party. Its come to my attention that I will never be able to use exit. This means I have to back track through every dungeon. Is this also tru with the temple revisited or is there really no way out?

Posted by: Rangers51 26th September 2014 11:13
Once you do the time warp, if you don't have the Warp or Exit spells, you're stuck. Death is your exit. smile.gif

Posted by: blueman01 4th October 2014 16:19
O crap lol

Posted by: Billdolfski 3rd November 2014 10:44
Kind of a late reply, but you don't have to backtrack through every dungeon the 4 main dungeons all have alternate exits.

Rangers is right about ToFR though, it's EXIT or you're stuck.

Posted by: Spooniest 15th November 2014 06:24
To say nothing of having the EXIT or WARP spells, but not having enough MP left to get out.

There should be a sign in the (present-day) Temple of Fiends, next to the time portal:



Posted by: sergioramos 8th March 2019 19:59
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