CoN 20th Anniversary: 1997-2017

Posted: 15th April 2017 20:17

Black Waltz
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>Not really
_Yeah, we fight a lot

...My twitch channel is my favorite pastime these days but people seem shy about coming in...

Basically speaking I have worked on not giving so much of a heck these really enjoy entertaining people but the music performing profession has got to be too much pressure and I've got too twisted out of shape about it.

I am taking some doctor-ordered time to relax and clear my head out. Care to join me? I have sort of been sitting there not playing anything and listening to rock records lately, because man is chat dead.

I don't mean to be unpleasant, I just have a bad life you don't know about, and I don't feel like telling you the real truth of it because what I've already told the internet is freaking them out enough

Anyway sad.gif The channel is at I don't mind the games you play, but I don't like your dealing biggrin.gif That's from a Joe Walsh song called The Bomber smile.gif

X is blue.
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