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FFIV Interlude Developer's Office

Posted: 16th May 2011 00:52

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I'm not sure how many of you have gotten to the Developer's Office in the Interlude story. They give a few items; the best one being the Soma Drop. But there's one battle with a Game Developer you can get into, where the guy has the battle image of a floating zombie and every time you attack him, all that happens is he says "IT WILL NEVER END..." or something like that. I attacked and attacked, also sat there and waited and nothing happened. I guess it was a never-ending battle. I had to restart the game, just avoiding that confrontation this time. Is there something I missed or is that really a never-ending battle?

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Posted: 16th May 2011 01:27

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Well, I'm yet to get into the Interlude, in fact I've only just finished the Dad Bomb fight.

If this is anything like the fight with Tetsuya Takahashi in the Game Developer's office in the original story then yes, the fight is winnable but takes a very long time. In the original one I think he has a Calca sprite. I won a Magazine from beating him.
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