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What is the definition of a strong imagination?

Posted: 21st November 2023 04:18

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This is a loaded or unloaded question depending how you look at it. I can make some comparisons to give you an idea of what I mean. People want me to write unique, fresh things, yet are there?

Take the movie 'The Thing' normally I would have been scared of it but shapeshifting has been done before? Odo from Star Trek: DS9 can be described as a polymorphic entity that can take on any form-desired or not.

When a story is written what carries us to the end of it? Unless you believe in a Never-ending Story?

How long is an actual story?

Some go for many pages while others go for a few sentences or words. What makes a description stronger than a conclusion? Should the author tell you if they are going to lie ahead of time or goad you into following them? If something passes away how do we keep it dead or gone?

Perhaps I asked the wrong question? You do not need to imagine anything if it feels real enough? Or is everything merely inconclusive?


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