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Posted by: Tiddles 23rd January 2004 22:18
As with similar threads in the other forums, the aim of this is to collect questions and answers which should go on our FAQ page for Chrono Trigger.


It makes our lives immeasurably easier if you can provide an answer with your suggested question, or a link to the answer, either from another topic on the forum where you may have asked the question originally, or from an external source.

Posted by: sweetdude 2nd April 2009 13:15
Can I get Magus in my party?

That's quite an important question for me. I must admit I've never had him join, and I still don't know how to get him. I searched it.

Posted by: farmer44 7th April 2014 10:56
I got a lot of help for beating Magus from this page
i killed me several times and i was quite unhappy, But beat this badass at last thumbup.gif

Posted by: Eagle Caller 25th April 2020 05:05
I'm linking this topic to this important post. While the story line of Chrono Trigger is terrific I didn't find it that hard of a game to beat. Under normal circumstances the game is programmed well enough for it to be beat. I don't believe it's for first time gamers though maybe this link can help.

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