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Posted by: Zephir 25th July 2014 21:07
...From Sabin's walkthrough, that is. Though a sound set of tactics, here's one that actually worked for me:

Because I'm a power leveler, I got to the Gigant with most of my characters well over level 60; as a result, Fusoya and Rydia each had Meteo and heavy Magic Power ratings (Wisdom? Will?) to go with it. My tactic was to ignore the bits altogether, attack the core with Edge and Cecil, throw out Cure4's with Rosa, and queue up a pair of Meteos with Fusoya and Rydia (fighting worked because Cecil and Edge had enough combined damage to overcome the Remedies from the bits). A few rounds in, the Meteos went off, and down it went after two bouts of Absolute damage.

Worked out the tactic after noticing that Wall doesn't bounce Meteo. =) Like Ultima in FF6 (if memory serves, anyway), Meteo pierces defenses and ignores Reflect status.

So, anyone else got any clever alternative tactics or strategies? Or did anyone else work out a different Bulldog tactic? (I call it Bulldogging when you ignore healing or clever tacks and just throw out everything you got... damn the torpedoes!)

The one that worked for me before that, by the by, was having Rydia use Asura as the main healer, and Cecil + Edge attacking the core after knocking out the two bits. It got annoying racing to revive characters and heal them after they got knocked out by Globe 199, but eventually Rydia tossed out a Meteo and down it went (and where I discovered Meteo doesn't bounce). I read the walkthrough after the battle to compare my tacks, so I didn't realize beforehand that summons don't bounce (because I assumed that since Bahamut's Megaflare bounced in the summon battle, it would also bounce against the core).

In retrospect, I should have realized summons ignore reflect status when Asura's healing wasn't bouncing back. Oops.

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