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Posted by: Cefca 3rd January 2018 00:47
I don't know if any else has encountered this and not it's not that big a deal but just thought it'd be something you'd want to know.

Most times when I try and view a thread, it's really slow in loading. It's only individual threads that do it, the forums themselves load perfectly fine. It does the same on my desktop or my mobile and with any browser.

Posted by: BlitzSage 3rd January 2018 01:18
Mine's doing that too when I try to post replies. I just assumed it was my computer.

Posted by: Rangers51 3rd January 2018 01:44
Yep, it's on my radar. I've no idea why it's started recently, but I've seen it too and Tiddles and I discussed it a bit in chat just today. I'll let you guys know if I get any bright ideas. smile.gif

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