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Some FF7 oversights

Posted: 1st October 2021 02:48

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I'm playing through FF7, and here are some things I noticed missing in the walkthrough! I may post again as I find more. There is also an Ether sitting on the ground just before the chest with the Tent at the beginning of the cave. Palmer certainly has over 600 HP, though I couldn't tell you for sure how much. I'm guessing 6000? Malevolence also says if you talk to the guy staring at the rocket in town a second time you get a weapon for Cloud. I have not confirmed that. there is a dragon enemy in the grasslands section apparently called a "Vlakorados". It is notable for having 33333 HP and only giving about 400 EXP, but it isn't noted in the enemies section. I definitely fought one, though. This page also suggests you dig around for treasure, and links to the "secrets" page of the walkthrough, but said secrets page does not mention anything about digging for treasure. Lastly, "Kujata" is spelled wrong.

If I find more, should I edit this post or post a second time? Generally I know double-posting is frowned upon, but you won't know I make an edit unless you look again.

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