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[Trivia] Oops! All Final Fantasy II (SNES)

Posted: 25th May 2020 19:34

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As promised in my other thread, I was writing up a list of trivia questions. Specifically, trivia questions about the SNES English-language release of Final Fantasy IV, known as "Final Fantasy II".

Here they are!

A: What generic word is the name of the enemy, known as Security Eye in later versions, that summons other enemies?

B: What enemy ability, characteristic of Leviathan and Ogopogo when uncoiled, is known as "Deluge" in later versions?

C: What is eight-letter name of the group of dancing dolls that Golbez summons in his stead? For bonus points, identify a ten-letter name (there are a few spellings) used in later versions.

D: What command, later standardized as "Throw", throws an item from the inventory as a weapon?

E: What item, the second in its class, was given a "dry" rename in later versions?

F: What is the name for the Twin spell that costs 10 MP and deals non-elemental damage, and is renamed "Pyro" in later versions?

G: What moth-like enemy, with an eight-letter camelcase name, is most infamous among fans for being only found in random battles on a tiny three-tile peninsula in the Underworld? For bonus points, identify the later spelling of the name as well.

H: What spell, later generally known as "Esuna", is used to remove status ailments?

I: What is the name for an enemy that was dummied out from the SNES release, and is also the renamed name for the Goblin enemy (and thus also the name for a rare item drop summon)?

J: What is this old version's name for the fire summon spell more typically known as "Ifrit"?

K: One of the protagonists, when brainwashed, fights the party. What is the name this old version of the game uses to identify this protagonist as an enemy? It is also the name of a robe, renamed in later versions as "kenpogi".

L: What is the three-letter prefix used for the spells that are in subsequent games as Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga?

M: What summon spell, which summons a creature who is accidentally killed early in the game, is known as "Dragon" in later versions?

N: The magic spell often known as Flare in other Final Fantasy games is known by what name in the SNES translation?

O: The boss of the Watery Pass has what eight-character name? For bonus points, identify the boss's eleven-character name in later versions.

P: What enemy, known as White Dragon in later versions, guards the Murasame in the final dungeon of the game?

Q: What enemy, with an eight-character camelcase name whose second letter is Q, and encountered on the way into retaking Baron Castle, is renamed "Flood Worm" in later versions?

R: What avian enemy, with a space in its eight-character name, is known as "Fledgling Rukh" in later versions?

S: What is the name of the most powerful throwable weapon in the game? This item's older name is similar to a famous insult used to describe a bard. Bonus points: give the newer name for this item.

T: What enemy is known in later versions as "Li'l Murderer"? It is known for casting Scan on itself, revealing its weakness -- which, if exploited, will cause it to retaliate with powerful magic.

U: What item, dummied out of the SNES version, has a one- or two-word name and removes the Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse, and Berserk statuses?

V: What unusual transliteration of the name "Barbariccia" is used for one of the Four Fiends?

W: What boss, a palette swap of Bahamut, is known as Dark Bahamut in later versions?

X: What item, known as Cure3 in the SNES version, is given this hyphenated name in later versions?

Y: What summon, whose second letter is Y, has an MP cost indicated to be 25 but is (due to a bug) free to cast in the SNES version, as long as the caster is not in the center position of the party's formation?

Z: Odin's ability is unnamed in the SNES version of the game, but is renamed to what in later versions?

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