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Octopath Traveler Potentially Coming to PC

Posted: 5th April 2019 22:58

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Still speculative, but it was reported today that the body responsible for age-rating games in South Korea (known as the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea) has given a rating for PCs for Octopath Traveler, the Square Enix Switch RPG. The publisher of record is Bandai Namco, who according to Gematsu regularly act as the Korean-locale publisher for Square Enix games.

There is always the chance that this could be an erroneous listing, but typically news such as this from a game ratings board is always followed by an official announcement or an actual release of a game. Given further that the game was originally developed in Unreal Engine, a PC port seems like an obvious next step as well. Keep your eyes out for more news soon.

Source: Gematsu
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Posted: 6th April 2019 18:27

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I would definitely pick it up on PC. I have been hesitant to buy a Switch. I want to support Nintendo, but they are taking too much time with their classic SNES and N64 games, which is mainly what I would want to play on the Switch.

But Octo looks amazing to me, and I would definitely buy it on PC.
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