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What games are you playing at the moment?

Posted: 4th January 2020 07:47
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System Shock

I have two separate drives I boot off of in this computer. One is this one which I use for general purposes (i.e. online activities, media, etc) and another that's used purely for gaming. Doing this allows my gaming drive to run better since I'm not doing as much boneheaded crap on it. At some point a few years ago though I decided to install Steam on this drive too so I could access the less resource intensive games I had. Such as System Shock. It's actually a game I talked about not too long ago and I found out something when I reinstalled it:


I would strongly recommend either finding that mod or buying the re-release as mouselook completely changes the texture of the game...and oddly enough it's specifically because their was another vital quality-of-life improvement the new version didn't include: key rebinding.

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I dunno. I installed the 'enhanced edition' this time, which is what I thought I installed the first time I took this puppy for a ride. Maybe I didn't or maybe Nightdive just did a completely revamped glow up of their version since then. Either way, turns out key binding is something the game has. Also turns out that...doesn't really matter as much as you'd think.

I found the only additional actions that helped me were remapping the body position keys (i.e. lean/crouch/prone) and the mouselook toggle to the middle mouse button. A reload button would've been nice too, but I couldn't spot it. These changes made the game only marginally less clunky than the first time round honestly. It was still a fun ride though the physics felt more wonky, which is saying something.

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