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New Regalia Playlist on Spotify

Posted: 5th February 2021 19:55

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In case you don't follow us on social media: we were chatting in Discord today and ended up with the idea to get all of the Regalia picks into a Spotify playlist now that Square Enix put all the soundtracks up officially. This playlist should work forever!

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Posted: 6th February 2021 20:58

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Very cool!

This got me to look into Spotify. I never did before because I always assumed it cost money and my funds are limited. Is there really a free version? Does it limit what songs you can listen to?

I'm only interested in Final Fantasy music. It's all I've been listening to for years, and it still makes me happy, so I see no reason to branch out to other genres now. I own a bunch of it, but there are gaps in my collection and if I could listen to that stuff via Spotify FOR FREE then I am *so* there.

Back when we did the Regalia championship, I had not yet played XIV or XV, so was unfamiliar with their music except for a few tracks. I dutifully listened to the XV soundtrack from the YouTube link provided at the time, to see if there were any standout tracks I felt should be nominated. While a few tracks caught my ear, none really stood out to me, possibly because I didn't have an emotional connection to them from hearing them in game while playing since I hadn't done that yet. Now that I've played XV, I really enjoy its OST, and if we were to do the championship again I'd probably nominate some of its songs.

I had also tried to listen to XIV's music for potential nominations, because I felt I should give it a chance but there's just SO MUCH of it, and the YouTube playlist at the time was from gameplay footage so each song was quite long. I quickly gave up the attempt. Now that I've been playing XIV for over a year, I'm saddened that none of Soken-san's work made the Regalia Championship. He's done some wonderful things with XIV's music, and I have actually been thinking of starting a thread about it for a while.

Which brings me back to Spotify! If Spotify is really free, then perhaps I can make a playlist of my favorite FFXIV songs to share with you.

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Posted: 7th February 2021 01:21

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Free just means you have to listen to adverts every now and then, you can still listen to any song.

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