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Posted by: Gabe 28th November 2015 00:08
I've been on a bit of a Chrono Trigger kick ever since running across Lorerunner's In-Depth analysis of the game. Video of that can be seen here (Note: if you plan on watching this, make sure you set aside 20+ hours!):

While the tracks themselves are rather short, the video runs JUST over an hour and hits on all the best tracks of the game. Go ahead and give it a listen if you've got time, or just pop in to hear your favorite. I guarantee it'll be worth your time.

Posted by: Death Penalty 28th November 2015 01:01
Another lovely batch of Chrono re-arrangements / covers -- thanks for sharing, Gabe! I hadn't heard of this fellow before, but I see she/he has similarly styled/lengthed albums for FFX, FFVIII, and a few other titles whose soundtracks I enjoy; I'll definitely be giving those a try as well.

I ended up listening to the FFIX one next, and I was really struck by the version of Not Alone: It's really quite arresting, with its slowed pace, low octaves, and occasionally (but not overbearingly) unexpected harmonies.

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