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What did YOU name your characters?

Posted: 22nd October 2017 05:57

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One time when I was bored with the default names, and even using the 'correct' names had become droll, I decided to name everyone in honor of Transformers (I was a huge Gen 1 fan). Thus --

Crono = Orion (Pax)
Frog = Alpha (Trion)
Robo = (Optimus) Prime
Marle = Ariel
Lucca = Gears (Wheeljack would have been better for the tinkerer, but it was too long)
Magus = stayed Magus because at the time I didn't like him much
Epoch = Ark
Ayla = (Grim)Lock (for the way she spoke as it reminded me of Grimlock)

Possible spoilers: highlight to view
On another play-through, because there is a scene about halfway through the game where Marle is trying to wake Crono up, and she says his name over and over and over again enough to fill an entire dialog screen, I named Crono the term for a breeding female dog. It's the word that is often used as a rude insult for a woman. Which made the scene so much funnier as that is exactly what Marle is doing at that point, trying to rouse Crono.
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