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Playism web store to shut down on March 24

Posted: 27th February 2021 02:29

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In short, Playism is a company that localizes Japanese indie games for the west, and also localizes western indie games for Japan. They run their own web store, generally selling their games DRM-free + Steam key. There are a lot of doujin games there. There are even a few exclusives. But the store is gonna shut down soon.

The store will close on March 24. Access to stuff you've bought ends on May 10.

The company says it'll continue to operate, but they just won't run their store, so they'll just be sticking things on Steam, presumably.

So this is your last chance to buy their stuff there. And if you've bought stuff there before, it's your last chance to download it. Especially standalone installers, since Steam won't offer those.

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