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Posted: 6th February 2019 13:34

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I do not own one of these yet, but I am considering buying one. I am not sure yet.

Based on Youtube reviews, Sony kind of did poorly with this one for the $99 M.S.R.P. Most notably there are P.A.L. versions of the games, meaning that they run at 50 F.P.S. instead of 60 F.P.S. Sony did not design their own emulator for it, but instead opted to use an open source one. The controllers are original style SCPH-0101 style, rather than dual-shock style. There are no Spyro, Tomb Raider or Crash Bandicoot games and Castlevania Symphony of the Night. The emulation is a little glitchy, and notably for us messes with the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack.

However, in Sony's defense, the source code they are required to publish for G.P.L. version 2 compliance purposes looks like they considered many other games and either could not secure the license for them or could not get them working on the platform.

Also, for some of us, this might nevertheless be worth picking up now that it is available for $52 on Amazon. For one thing, we're not getting an N64 classic edition anytime soon, so this is the only representation of late 1990s console gaming presently on the classic-edition market.

There are some iconic games like Metal Gear Solid, Tekken III, Twisted Metal and Resident Evil: Director's Cut and Abeworld on there. More importantly, something I always disliked about the Nintendo Classic systems is that they never bothered to license the rare, high value games, so Intelligent Qube and Revelations: Persona are quite welcome additions on here, because those look like good high value games that you were unlikely to own back in the day, and this is the cheapest way to get them legitimately if you do not have access to specific regional accounts on the Playstation network. I trust that Persona is of particularly high interest to us as R.P.G. lovers, and on that note we also have the original Wild Arms, which might interest Neal.

Additionally, I have seen videos of people using the U.S.B. controllers with Street Fighter V on the P.C. which is somewhat promising. Although these lack analog thumbsticks/triggers, they do have R2 and L2 buttons which broadens the variety of games you could play over say, an S.N.E.S. controller knockoff. I am not sure what input standard they use, so I would not count on them working with any particular game as of yet. It is unlikely to work with Super Meatboy's controller support for instance, since I doubt Sony is using the x-input standard for these. If I get one, I shall try them with some of my other games games and let you folk know how it goes.

Did any of you get this? If so, how do you like it? Also, even if not, do any of its twenty games interest you?

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Posted: 17th February 2019 22:01

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Everything I read says the emulation on the PS Classic is worse than actual emulators. The selection of games is questionable, the lack of a dual-shock controller and analog controls is suspect, and the overall product is a cash-grab because of the retro-gaming craze.

Just skip it. It's a novelty item that had nothing in mind except money. Or don't. It's your money.

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Posted: 18th February 2019 19:55

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I would like to play Ridge Racer, but aside from that I already have most of the games on the classic that I would want to play. The only way I would buy one is if the price went WAY down, like, below $20.
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Perhaps its because the Aussies and Europeans are the most vocal in gaming they thought the west would like the worst versions of these games. Its like Final Fantasy PC ports since the Europeans loved the low budget aol midi songs instead of the higher quality PS1 sounds Square kept trying to push the midi sounds.

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