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Das Verboten Final Fenteschy? Ja, das is good

Posted: 16th May 2018 17:41

Black Waltz
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Imagine a hippie child from Davenport, Iowa loading up Final Fantasy V on his dad's Macintosh Performa 6116 Cd running a port of Snes9x or something downloaded from (a macos emulation site from the 90's), and Richard Bannister is asking you to donate in order to be able to configure controls properly with InputSprocket, and you think it is ok.

But I loaded it up and realized that without putting a massive frameskip on it, and shutting down the SPU entirely, it would not run at anywhere near an acceptable speed for me to play.

However, hearing the music that slowly, especially after having already seen "Legend of the Crystals" after renting it from Blockbuster (Rouge's pirate ship is bombing Pritz and Linaly on the motorcycle to the FF5 Battle Theme, yehhhhh, btw Pritz kicks ass), I immediately understood what was being said "Ohhhhhh, this is the one that LotC is based on!"


btw: Music Box mode.

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