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750 ABPs at Phoenix Tower

Posted: 10th October 2015 23:22
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What is better than to win 500 ABPs with the Magic Pots in the Phoenix Tower?

To win 750.

So yes. Find the four tablets asap. Then change your 4 characters to oracle job. Bahamut, Sunken Tower of Walse (I think Famed Mimic Gogo gives you 50 ABPs), refilling !mix items, fighting Leviathan after getting the tablet, going to fish Stingrays or even going to the first stages of the Rift are all good ways to train your oracles.

When you get the ABP up ability equip it to get 50% more ABPs from magic pots.

Easy trick and a good one. But I haven't seen published anywhere, so I'm doing it.
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