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Final Fantasy V FAQ: Suggest Questions

Posted: 14th February 2012 15:20

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As with similar threads in the other forums, the aim of this is to collect questions and answers which should go on our FAQ page for Final Fantasy V.


It makes our lives immeasurably easier if you can provide an answer with your suggested question, or a link to the answer, either from another topic on the forum where you may have asked the question originally, or from an external source.

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Posted: 16th February 2012 04:38

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Whats the best job end game?

Bare and Mimic
they get all innate abilities(except berserker) of mastered jobs and highest stats mimi cant use ribbon without eqribbon though

Galuf has no health but i didnt get a gameover vs exdeath did my game glitch?

no keep playing and a certain scene will take place

Why cant my charecter use higher spells that i gave him?

level up the other job and youll be able to use higher level attacks from that job

i live this game need any help email me at will be glad to help to make the FF5 section on this amazing site
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Posted: 16th February 2012 10:46
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I would like to contribute the following:

Omniscient keeps casting "Return" every time someone makes a move. How do I make him stop doing this?
He won't cast "Return" unless he gets hit with a physical attack. In other words, stick to magic attacks. Although if you wish to fight him using physical attacks, have someone with !White cast "Silence" on him. The only problem is the condition wears off after 2-3 turns in a row, so remember to time your attacks right.

What's a good way to abuse the amount of magic spells cast per turn?
To do this neat trick, you must have the Mime Job unlocked, you must have mastered the Red Mage Job (so you can learn !Dualcast), and you must have acquired the !Time spell "Quick."

Step 1: Make someone into a Mime, equip them with !Time, !Dualcast, and one of the following magic commands: !White, !Black, or !Summon. Let's use !Black as an example for this (which will grant your Mime the missing half of his/her Black Magic spells via !Dualcast).

Step 2: Get into battle, and when your Mime is next up, access !Dualcast.

Step 3: Choose "Quick," then choose any other Black Magic spell you would like (such as "Flare" for instance).

Step 4: You will then see your Mime casting "Quick" first and then whichever Black Magic spell you chose right after.

Step 5: OK, the first Black Magic spell has been cast. Now you are granted another turn.

Step 6: Access !Dualcast once again, and pick any 2 Black Magic spells you would like to cast.

Step 7: You'll be given yet again another free pass; repeat Step 6.

That's it, you've done it! Now you can cast up to 5 spells (6 if you count "Quick") in a row! If you have other Mimes in your team you can have them use !Mimic to copy your previous Mime's actions without losing any MP!
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Posted: 14th June 2013 13:33
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None of the monsters in the Void are giving me Experience, regardless of how many I kill. Is something wrong with my game?

No, in the GBA version of the game monsters found in the void only give Gil and ABP, but no Experience.
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Posted: 6th July 2013 16:13

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Q: I can't kill the Shield Dragon! How do I get this thing to die?

A: The Shield Dragon has a lot of defense and magic defense. The only two ways to kill him are !Control and !Throw. If you Control him, have him cast Blaze on himself, and he will die easily. You can also Throw Shuriken at him, since !Throw pierces defenses.
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