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A wonderful CT Piano project

Posted: 28th November 2015 00:08

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I've been on a bit of a Chrono Trigger kick ever since running across Lorerunner's In-Depth analysis of the game. Video of that can be seen here (Note: if you plan on watching this, make sure you set aside 20+ hours!):

Anyways, I have always loved the music of Chrono Trigger and I just came across this project that was released last month. I don't post much so you know it has to be good if I actually bothered to log in!

While the tracks themselves are rather short, the video runs JUST over an hour and hits on all the best tracks of the game. Go ahead and give it a listen if you've got time, or just pop in to hear your favorite. I guarantee it'll be worth your time.

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Posted: 28th November 2015 01:01

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Another lovely batch of Chrono re-arrangements / covers -- thanks for sharing, Gabe! I hadn't heard of this fellow before, but I see she/he has similarly styled/lengthed albums for FFX, FFVIII, and a few other titles whose soundtracks I enjoy; I'll definitely be giving those a try as well.

I ended up listening to the FFIX one next, and I was really struck by the version of Not Alone: It's really quite arresting, with its slowed pace, low octaves, and occasionally (but not overbearingly) unexpected harmonies.

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